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Allison Mack

Allison Mack, the actres best known as Chloe from " Smallville", recently was arrested and charged regarding her involvement in the " sex cult" NXIVM.

I'm sure anyone interested can ook the various stories up. Kristen Kruek, another actresss from Smallville, apparently escaped this cult before she got involved in this perosnality cult sexual abuse garbage.

I don't know what other roles Mack had before she got involved in this cult. Frankly right now I don't care. If she was dumb enough to aid a goddamn rapist ( which is essentially what he was). And I'ver read where she's been accused of being a "key lieutenant" of the sex trafficing and forced labor.

How goddamn stupid is she?

 Yes I am a true crime reader. And this criminal cult might have included brainwashing so Mack could use that as an excuse. Excet that apparently she was directly involved in at least two instances of "requiring" two women to engage in sex with the cult leader.

She ought to be ashamed of herself.

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WIS International

 About two years ago I was laid off at Dalton- King Packaging, a company that shut down for financial reasons. I worked there for 18 years, so I had to go to unemployment while looking to get hired on again. Some other time I'll tell about my experiences with local temp services ( one of which outright screwed me out of my unemployment) but this is about my experience working for a company I was hired onto.

I guess my first clue this was a shit job was when the interviewer seemed "too" happy to hire me on. WIS is an inventory service where groups of employees go to various stores and count inventory. Speed and accuracy are esential. By my own admisssion I can scan barcodes but counting for me is slow. Bear in mind I'm middle age so my energy level is not as when I was much younger.

My first assigned day I missed the van transporting employees to the work by about 10 minutes. I am usually not late for work but at that time I misjudged travel time. That should have been sign # 2 that something wasn't right about this job. So when on the second assigment I did arrive early I met the team "leader", an overweight male vape smoker who I later found out was married but was having some , ahem, "fun" with a female employee of the group ( about 7 people), which explained why she was getting some choicer jobs at the store sites.

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Bob Larson: no peaceful coexistence

This is a copy and paste from his blog:


Monday January 8,2018
Scene from Christmas festive illumination.
There it was, an illuminated display of the Christian cross, along with symbols of other religions: yin-yang for Taoism, Star of David for Judaism, peace symbol, crescent of Islam, science relativity, i for Buddhism. The only thing missing was the usual “coexist” conglomerate including a pentagram for Wicca (Witchcraft). My family and I were enjoying a drive-thru Christmas display that was quite spectacular. Brightly lit Christmas trees, prancing horses, snowmen, and other festive representations, all to the accompaniment of Christmas carols. But what to my wandering eye should appear – a huge COEXIST symbol. At Christmas? Are you kidding? I took a quick photo to document this spiritual injustice.
If you are expecting me to respond with some kind of tolerant, peaceful, graciousness, forget it. I’m outraged. You’ve seen this symbol before on bumper stickers, but to inject it into the “reason for the season” is an affront. No turning the other cheek here. I’m Ok with the Star of David, because the roots of Christianity are in the Hebrew faith. But putting the other religious expressions on the same plane as the virgin born Son of God in the manger is worse than saying “Seasons Greetings,” a phrase I find compromising. Islam doesn’t believe Jesus died for the sins of the world. “The way” of Taoism is about going with the flow, and that is not what Jesus did on the way to cross. Buddhism is a system of ethical performances without a sacrificial savior. None of these symbols has the right to coexist at Christmas.
Let’s get it straight. Mohammed is dead. Buddha is dead. Lao Tse Tung is dead. Einstein is dead. JESUS IS ALIVE, and He clearly stated, “I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life; no man comes to the Father [God] except through me.” Put that on a bumper sticker.
As for me and my house, no coexistence. Respect, politeness, thoughtfulness – yes. Intelligent discussion about differences, absolutely. But for the true child of God, truth matters. We’re not saved to sing kumbaya. We have a clear message, first spoken about Christ by the apostle Peter: “There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” No coexistence at Christmas. Save it for a more appropriate day to celebrate: Halloween!

An encouraging word: STUDY GOD’S WORD
One of many things I discovered doing deliverance is that the devil’s kingdom is multi-faceted and unbelievably complex. Most Christians have a simplistic view of Satan. He’s far more sophisticated and ingenious than imagined. This means that Christians need to seriously understand their faith and their authority in Christ to overcome demonic evil. Second Timothy 1:15 instructs us to “study” to prove that we are capable of “rightly dividing the word of truth.” It’s okay to read the Bible for inspiration and comfort, but we also need to seriously study Scripture to fight the fight of faith. If you haven’t enrolled in our International School of Exorcism®, a Bible College of spiritual warfare, now is the time! Call (( deleted by me))

Actually the "I" is not for Buddhism it includes the pentagram he claims to be so offended about.

The funny thing about this is that he acts so offended about one religion-- Wicca-- being included in the holiday season. Its ridiculous to me. If he was the "expert" he claims to be he knows the Christmas season includes Yule-- a specifically Pagan holiday.

I really can't say much about this as it pretty much speaks for itself. The same Constitutional freedoms he enjoys he doesn't want for other religions. I don't care what he "approves" of or not. Aside from the possibility that he's making a stab at me again because of the Maddy Ryan article that quotes me about him:

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An actual blog response to me from someone -- a bigot OC.

Get a load of this one:

Aside from the major error that this person thinks I'm a Christian, he or she shows an insistence of being anti- Jewish even when I told this ass otherwise.

If you're bored, just read his or her response. The whole evil zionists enemies if " true Christianity" yada yada is so obviously conspiracy theory bullshit that I don't need to comment further/
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Another wrong Bob Larson twitter entry

Neolithic human sacrifice site in Ireland 6000 years old. Got insight about curses. Will tell ISE people next week.

11:47 AM - 16 Jun 2017


He's pointing to a crude 3 sided henge in the photo he posted.

One problem. What " human sacrifice" is he talking about?
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Bob Larson " is the the end"?

Apparently two ( or more) of his employees at his Denver office " resigned, effective immediately" or he fired them.


In all my years of ministry I’ve never experienced a time like this. For the past 30 years, the business side of our ministry has been handled by employees from our international office in Denver, Colorado. Now, several workers have decided to retire, effectively immediately. It’s heartbreaking to see them leave. But I respect their decision. What do I do now?
Without proper staffing on the management side of the ministry, we can’t go on. I can’t hold seminars. There’s no one to enroll students in the School of Exorcism. Our international missions must cease. No more books. No YouTube. Nothing. Losing key people is a crisis.
We must relocate our offices closer to where we live, in Phoenix, Arizona. (Denver is where the ministry started.) Moving all our operations will be VERY expensive. We don’t have the funds to uproot everything and move nearly 1,000 miles. Your help is crucial!
If you ever prayed for our ministry, now is the time. On top of everything else I do fighting demons, the stress on me now is overwhelming. PLEASE, I need you to do three things:

Pray for guidance to make wise decisions about office relocation and new staffing.
Let us know of any qualified Christians in the Phoenix area who need employment, especially with bookkeeping, receptionist, and marketing experience.
Send a generous gift to help with the costs of relocation.

Don’t let this be the end. Give for a NEW BEGINNING to do greater things for Jesus!
Your generous tithe or offering today will keep the vision alive to set the captives free!


Bear in mind if this is true 30 years ago it was Bob Larson Ministries, not " Spiritual Freedom Church". Also bear in mind that would make this 1987, a few years before all the crap he's done started coming to the surface.

I do think its interesting that he left his accounting and "business" part of his two businesses in Denver when he moved his new exploitation to Phoenix. As if he didn't want his employee followers in Arizona knowing about his finances.

Let's just say I have doubts as to the sincerity of his claims. Not only in this matter but in pretty much everything he does. What the TRUTH is in this I don't know -- yet. But what I am smelling sure isn't roses.

It gets better. This weekend he's supposed to BE in Denver for a "conference". So why not take advantage of that trip anyway?
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More Bob Larson bullshit-- Satanic Christianity

Okay this will be part one of at least two parts of recent McExorist Bob Larson garbage.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Exorcism Arising!

Monday, July 3, 2017

During the recent School of Exorcism convention, Bob presents the first
Certificate of Completion for the Russian-language School to Dmitry Dimov.

We just completed our first-ever convention of the International School of Exorcism® (ISE). Scores gathered in Lakeland, Florida for, what was billed as, the largest gathering of trained exorcists in the history of the church. Pictured on the masthead above is a portion of those attending the First Annual International School of Exorcism Convention. They came from across America, as well as Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, and other countries. Their mission was to network, fellowship, worship, and learn. Two intensive days of teaching from our new Advanced Academy of Deliverance® highlighted the official sessions. Testimonies abounded of changed lives, those previously bound by Satan, who have now been delivered and have completed all 30 ISE Courses. They celebrated their training and certification as professionally-trained exorcists. The final session featured praise and worship, followed by an impartation ceremony. Bob, Laura, and the leadership of ISE prayed for special enduement of the Holy Spirit upon those present.

This is just the beginning! In less than three years, the School of Exorcism has trained 600+ students from more than 30 countries. The School has provided them a historical and biblical basis for exorcism, as well as an understanding of the psychological and practical aspects of casting out demons. No such body of information, in such depth, has ever been compiled in all church history; a sad commentary, but a hopeful one, as well. Our mission is to raise up an army of spiritual warriors, theologically, historically, and psychologically grounded; to equip them with knowledge and practical experience, to fulfill the command of Christ to cast out demons in HIS name.

Exorcism is arising. The future is exciting. The possibilities for the Lord are unlimited. Be part of this historic movement by enrolling today, and be at the Second International Convention next year!


Typos and misspellings left as is. Basically this one is a " praise me" type of bragging. Lotta ego in this one. No mention of how many dropped out of his "school". He bragged last month that his school was the first of its kind, yada yada.


Bob Larson‏ @blarsonexorcist Jul 2

Youtube ( as I type this)
59 up 8 down
Published on Jul 2, 2017
Brigette’s mother was a Catholic in public; but behind-the-scenes, she ritually tortured her daughter for the devil. Bob has Brigette forgive her mother and then calls up the soul-part of the mother. The demonic rights of Lucifer and Jezebel are canceled so Brigette can be free!


This is a YT vid he advertised via his Twitter. He actually is trying to revive the SRA bullshit. What's interesting is not that he's exploiting the SRA myth yet again but what he says in the description. " .. calls up the soul-part of the mother." Anyone wanna guess what the problem is with that?

Its simple. According to evangelical Christian doctrine, the dead cannot communicate with the living. This bullshit of "calling up he soul part" of her dead mother is nothing less than spiritualism. This is not by any means the only instance of Larson breaking away from Christian teachings to do his own unbiblical and heretical teachings and claims. Some months ago he claimed demons tell him the truth and are to be trusted with the information they give him. Yup he said that. Demons, teh creatures that supposedly lie at every opportunity, tell Larson the truth.


Monday, June 19, 2017

The painting above appears in the Cathedral of Antwerp, Belgium. Construction on this magnificent cathedral started in 1352. I took the photo with my iPhone during our recent Exorcism Invasion of Europe. If you’re looking at this on a smartphone you might not catch the details of the Archangel Michael casting out Satan’s demons from Heaven. On the right is a closeup of the lower, left corner of the painting, showing the hideous faces of two demons. The entire painting is at least six feet tall.
As I quietly and reverently walked through this ancient edifice, I was struck by this painting, on display in a building which is essentially a museum, certainly not a place overcrowded with worshippers. There, in the middle of this venerable church, was an artistic rendering of what I deal with almost every day of my life. Archangel Michael was depicted vanquishing the powers of darkness. There could be no mistake that this artist from nearly 500 years ago took demons as seriously as I do. This oil was no psychological construct of inner angst. Frans Floris took his theme quite literally, as I’m sure the priests and parishioners of his day did.
I’ve been to Europe many times and always find it remarkable that the continent is filled with such majestic houses of worship, mostly relics of the past, amazing to behold but with little practical spiritual relevance. As this painting illustrates, Europe was once alive with faith and Christian influence. Today, few attend churches. As I stood just outside this holy place, two Satanists walked by, dressed in black head to foot, and sporting T-shirts with pentagrams.
How could this happen to a continent so rife with religion centuries ago? It didn’t take place overnight. Slowly people prospered and lost their “first love” (Rev. 2:4). Clergy became more focused on power and recognition Religion became a means to an end, not the end of all man’s searching. Don’t think it can’t happen in America. It already has, to a tragic extent. We’re just a few decades behind Europe. Yet, if we read this roadmap for the signs of spiritual apostasy and lukewarm theology, we may avoid Europe’s moral decline. One way to do that is to recognize the enemy, as did Frans Floris, and join Michael in the eternal battle against the demons of Hell!
An encouraging word: BLESSED AND COVERED.
Psalm 32:1 reminds us that the man whose sins are forgiven is “blessed.” The verse goes on to say such a blessed person also has his sins “covered.” Remember how Adam and Eve covered their nakedness once God confronted them for their sin? They instinctively knew they could not talk to God without being covered. For them, there was no Cross, no Blood, no Atonement. Their evil was exposed, and they grabbed fig leaves as a way of covering shame before God. For Christians this side of the Cross, there is no need for humiliation or fig leaves when approaching God. We who are saved, have the righteousness of Christ as our covering (Philippians 3:9). Remember that if the devil tries to torment you with condemnation.


This is from his " blog" and it basically shows his exploitation focus. I really can't say much about this but find it interesting that in his visit to a church his only " spiritual" result was about " demons" rather than about Jesus Christ.

If I remember correctly there is a verse in the Bible where it warns about whispering voices n ears teaching unbiblical stuff and teaching about " doctrines of demons". Seems to me Larson and his ilk are all about " doctrines of demons". I would even go so far as to call what Larson does Satanic Christianity.

C. S. Lewis once wrote that the devil likes tow things-- that there is no belief in him and that there is too much a belief in him. I'll honestly say that those who are in Larson's cult and in " deliverance ministry" have too much a belief in the devil. They give power to the devil far more than their god or savoir.


Monday, June 5, 2017

They must be exorcised!

Every other week, our YouTube Exorcism Channel features an interesting question that focuses on some truth about spiritual warfare. We receive so many hundreds of questions that it’s impossible to answer all of them. Some are uniquely important. They need an immediate response. Such is the question posed by a man named Evans who lives in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. Evan asks, “Is it possible for a Christian who has demons to live a biblically consistent life until the demons become weak and possibly leave by themselves? Do the demons eventually find the environment uninhabitable?
No! Demons never leave of their own accord. No matter how close to the Lord an individual gets, or how uncomfortable an indwelling demon may be because of the host’s faith, that evil spirit isn’t going until he is told to go. If the host of an indwelling demon is to be completely free from evil intrusion, an exorcism is inevitable. One an evil spirit has invaded a human, it is the nature of that fallen angel to fight to occupy the territory that they claim. When confronted and made to manifest, demons say things such as, “This is my home”; “He/she wants me”; “I’ve been here too long to leave”; “I can’t give up my assignment.” Most fight tenaciously. Even weakened demons don’t voluntarily leave. The nearest I have come to a demon being cooperative is when the invading spirit says, “I don’t like it here anymore. He/she prays too much.” But even then, they must be commanded to leave.
When Jesus confronted the spirits Legion, he told them, “Come out of him” (Matthew 5:8). These evil spirits knew who Jesus was and didn’t want to suffer at His hands. In the previous verse 5:7, they begged not to be tormented. They knew that Christ was coming to the country of the Gadarenes, but they did not pre-emptively skedaddle. They knew they would suffer at the hands of Christ, the Son of God, but still stood their ground, to the point of begging not to go (Matthew 5:10). If demons didn’t leave because Jesus was about to confront them, your demons aren’t going because you fast and pray. Such spiritual preparation is important to get ready for your deliverance, but you’re still going to need an exorcism. Soaking prayer won’t do it. Healing therapy won’t suffice. Demons only obey the command of Christ to leave. To have complete freedom exorcism can’t be avoided. It’s inevitable.
An encouraging word: PRESUMPTUOUS SINS
What opens the door to addiction in a Christian’s life? Psalm 19:13 says, “Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me.” Presumptuous sins are those that you know are wrong before you do them. Have you ever thought, “I know this is wrong, but I can do it and later repent?” This is yielding your will to the enemy. If you continue, this sin will gain “dominion” over you, meaning it will get to the point that you (outside of God’s intervention) will be unable to resist it. This is how every addiction takes root! Stop addiction in its track. Repent (turn around) BEFORE you sin!

Interesting that his buddy Sean Sellers supposedly " exorcised" his " demon" while in prison without any exorcist helping him. Or so Sellers claimed.

Basically what this is is Larson once again selling his exploitation, claiming if you have demons you can't get rid of them yourself that you need his help.

IOW his usual bullshit.
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bob larson

Larson gets it wrong-- again

 Yes, yes, i know. he gets a lot of things wrong when he gets carried away with himself. But this week's BS "blog" entry he or his interent monkey posted was particularly bad.


Historical Revisionism

Monday, June 26, 2017

A selfie at Stonehenge.

“Historical revisionism” is usually an academic pursuit, the scholarly challenge to orthodox views of the past. It’s usually done as the result of new facts or evidence that sheds different light on former events. The purpose is to refine the view of an historical event based on new information. Such an arcane academic art may not mean much to most people, but it becomes a potentially dangerous practice when it invades past views with a revised spiritual perspective. This came to my mind during our recent European Mission, the day I visited Stonehenge.

Having traveled to more than 100 countries there’s not a lot I haven’t seen. But in the half-dozen times I’ve been to England, I had never visited those ancient monolithic monuments on Salisbury Plain. On this mission, with a very heavy schedule of seminars and Encounters, there was little time to be a tourist. But on a free afternoon in England I decided that, from a spiritual standpoint, Stonehenge was a must.

This ancient ring of standing stones, each 13 feet high and weighing 25 tons, was constructed 4-5,000 years ago. Its definitive purpose is shrouded in history. Many bones have been found there, leading some to say it was a burial site. But the setting of the stones with regards to the solstices and equinoxes clearly indicates a ritual purpose. Theories abound regarding how the stones were brought to this location and so precisely positioned. But the real controversy surrounds to what purpose such a Herculean task was engaged.

It’s not fashionable to speak of Stonehenge as a location of demonic activities. Decades ago that was a plausible explanation. Not today. Historical revisionism has taken over. As I intensely studied every aspect of Stonehenge, reading all the markers and literature provided for tourists, not one mention was made of ritual sacrifice. This UNESCO/World Heritage-sanctioned site avoids admitting that, even day, witches, pagans, and Neo-druids hallow this spot, and receive special dispensation to practice witchcraft ceremonies there. But despite politically correct efforts to evict the Druids and downplay their affection for Stonehenge, such groups revere the spot as an energy center of supernatural power.

Who were the Druids that archaeologist would rather ignore? Ancient Greek and Roman writers define them as practitioners of human sacrifice. Caesar wrote of them constructing large wooden effigies, a “wicker-man” (Can we all say, “Burning Man” in the Nevada desert?) in which to burn victims alive. But as I walked about Stonehenge, there were no references to any of this. And one more note. In countless exorcisms, demons ancestrally connected to ancient Gaul have spoken of the Druids and their murderous connections to Stonehenge. While such evidence may not be admissible as archaeological evidence, I question why the current political custodians of Stonehenge are so intent on purging this part of England’s unsavory past with historical revisionism. If the reader has ancestors from England or Ireland, get my book “Curse Breaking” and start immediately to tear down any spiritual strongholds of your forebears who may go back to the builders of Stonehenge.

TO ORDER “CURSE BREAKING” NOW, (( link deleted by me)))

An encouraging word: WE HAVE AN ANCHOR
In a world that denies the reality of God and the devil, Christians have a forceful message to convey. The Bible alone gives us a true understanding of evil’s origin and the hope of humanity to overcome all that isn’t good. It’s simple. Satan fell, Adam sinned, and it’s been downhill ever since. But Christ came, died on the cross and conquered our iniquities by the shedding of His blood. Society at-large may be confused about the causes of misfortune and wonder how to handle the craziness of our times, but as Christians we have an Anchor (Hebrews 6:19) and we have answers. Go share those answers with others!


 Now really, how shall I start with this one? There are so many things he just plain got wrong that I honestly don't know where to start.

 Let's start with the Wicker Man crap.

 First off,  Ceasar was trying to cover his ass to his Roman subjects for his armies loses in Gaul. He had to depict the Gauls ( the Celts) n a very savage, negative light. Thus the human sacrifices in the "wicker man". What Larson clearly DOESN'T know is that wicker is not a good material for the " wicker man" to be effective, for two practical reasons.

1.) Wicker is not strong enough to build a huge wicker man and it would collapse under its own weight, more so if there was any sacrifcie, human or animial, in it.


2.) Wicker when on fire unravels, making it a very bad cage for a burning a live sacrifice.

 And as usual for him, Larson shows his incredible ignorance for someone claiming to be a "foremeost authority" on cults, the occult and the paranormal. Some of the crap he says here are obvious nonsense from Jack Chick tracts. Anyone who has actually studied Stonehenge or even read one book ( Stonehenge Decoded) could have told this idiot that Stonehenge was built in 4 stages, that it was NOT built by the Druids and that the stone called the sacrifice stone is on its side not for sacrifices but for celestial alignment.

 Pretty much everythig else he says here is bullshit. All he's doing is spinning his current exploitation con by adding Druid and British generational curses garbage. Note what he does NOT say. He does not say he exorcised the "demons" from Stonehenge. Mister "expert" on the paranormal doesn't bother purifying the site.

 I'm not going to even bother mentioning that Stonehenge is by far not the only site that is sacred to Pagans in Britain. Or that it is one of many henges, both wood and stone, of ancient history that dot the country.

 Note he says "witches" with a small W and not Wiccans. Note also he doesn't mention the equally spaced holes surrounding the monent. Because he doesn't know about them. Or whomever wrote this crap piece desn't know about them.


Convicted book review Jodi Arias

Conviction: the Untold Story of Putting Jodia Arias Behind Bars by Juan Martinez. 473 pages.

 First look at this book shows its physically narrow. Guess book publishers are saving costs by narrowing books, like they do with newspapers.
Basically what this is is Arizona Prosecutor Juan Martinez' version of how he conducted the Arias murder case, from the visit to the criime scene where Travis Alexander was found, his observations of video intervies of Arias and others, how he found certain evidence connecting her plan to travel across Arizona undetected and eventually murder Alexander.  His observations about Arias and her lawyers, their tricks and the two sentencing trials.

Somewhat interesting, though Martinez tries to convey the impression that he's a dedicated worker who did the Arias case in his office almost alone, planning and plotting  for various arguments that might come up during the trial.  How much of that is true I don't know. Some bias, OC, including depicting Arias' lawyers as being sneaky, the dubious "Bob White" letter, and OC Arias as an obsessive premeditated murderer who, while apparently with a high IQ, was dumb enough to save certain receipts and made other obvious errors which pointed to her as the murderer.
Martinez does note that Arias is a good fibber on the spot, so he changed his tactic for her trial to keep her off balance and rapidly enough to prevent her from thinking out one of her lies. He knew if he annoyed her or otherwise upset her on the stand he could show the jury what she really is and she wasn't the poor "sex slave" victim she was trying to present herself during the trial.

I was more interested in what the hell Airas think she was doing, why she was so dumbass confident during questioning and frankly what is behind her odd behavior throughout the arrest through the actual sentencing.  For a woman who was supposedly very "smart", she driopped ou of high school and she did a number of things in her murdering Alexander project that was just plain sloppy stupid. She was smart enough to turn off her cell phone to cross a state undetected but she was dumb enough to keep receipts of gas purchases, inlcuding one reciept where whe made 3 separate purchases obviously to fill gas cans. Another dumb move was her stealing the gun from her grandparents while leaving piles of coins around at the crime scene.

 Martinez says that she chose the white rental car because the red one would have brought her police notice. I disagree. If she was planning the murder ( and I think she was)  a white car would better show up blood transfer stains.

I'm frankly amazed that if she is so damn smart and that she planned the murder how badly she was at covering it all up. She slipped up on at least a handful of ways, some so obvious that the only explanation I can think of is that she was overconfident that she could twist it for her benefit, or that her mistakes would not be discovered.

I mean, seriously, why put the digital camera through the wash cycle but not take out the memory card and dispose of it?  Even she would have known that if you delete a photo the data was still on the card waiting to be overwriiten. It would have been much simpler to just take out the memory card and take it with her, disposing it like she disposed of the gun and the knife.

The description Martinez used about the events of the actual attack sounds reasonable. Arias is a small person while Alexander was prett big. It would be a reasonable assumption that Arias lured Alexander to the shower and conned him to sit down in it as part of her photo shooting hobby, then stabbing him in the chest when he didn't expect it. It also feels plausable that Alexander after being stabbed in the chest struggled up and tried to wash himself in the sink, where she attacked him again, stabbing him in the back. He naturally wanted to get the hell out so he staggered down the hall while she stabbed him but before he entered his bedroom he fell and that is when she slit his throat. She dragged him back to the shower ( which must have been a strenuous activity for her since at that time he was almost literally dead weight. I think she intentded to kill Alexander in the shower but didn't plan on him getting up and trying to escape. She may have thought she stabbed him directly in the heart, a killing blow, and thought he'd lay there and cooperatively die for her staying in the shower. Why she didn't just shoot him while he was in the shower in the first place instead of the last attack shot to the head may be because she was so full of vengeance she wanted to stab him and watch him die, his last breath asking her why or some such thing.

Her later excuses of two intruders who alternately attacked her after killing Travis then let her go and the last one of Travis being a sex pervert who assaulted her for the last time and she killed him in self defense were delivered with her overconfidence but had numerous holes, some of which Martinez exposed in the stand.

I'd be interested in seeing a behavior/ criminal profile of her sometime. Extreme narcicicsm, for sure, some intelligence but seriously emotionally unstable. Yes I do agree that vengeance was her motive for the trip to Travis' home, and some preplanning was obvious, inlcuding stealing the gun, her attempts to get three gas cans ( and doing it badly. I could have done that easily without it being traced to me) and her obvious ploy of using sex and photography to keep Travis blind to her real intent. But she made so many errors I really think she didn't thoroughly think out  her little project. White car, yes, but no covering the floor mats or explaining the high mileage beforehand. keeping the receipts, her failed attempt to forge Travis' handwriting while in jail rather than prepare the forged documents while she was free to be "released" in case she was arrested, and her various conflicting stories about the actual murder pretty much were all obvious errors she should have planned for but didn't. I'm presuming she didn't because she thought she could explain it away or use some of it to her benefit, or even that she thought she was too clever to be caught. '

She clearly was too confident to think she could be convicted. Both her TV interviews she proclaied that she will never be convicted. If she is as smart as some who know her claim, she would have not made other mistakes, some so simple and obvious even I can see it.

I'd say its her hubris, her overconfidence in herself, maybe her immaturity but definitely her narcicism in thinking she was smarter than everyone else. What puzzled me was throughout her interrogation, arrest, trial and so forth she acted as if being charged with first degree murder and facing prison, if not the death penalty, was not that important to her. She was and probally is, living in her own little world. Her own little world, where she doesn't share reality with everyone else, a world where she can con her way out of trouble.

Granted her defense team wasn't the best, but then again they were trying to save her sorry ass. Martinez doesn't say so but he does infer that he suspects the defense team knew the "Bob White" letter was a forgery but were hoping the prosecution couldn't figure it out, among other things. I do agree with the author when the defense lawyers interviewed one person but didn't clearly say they were Arias defense lawyers was a bit of a deception.

Since Arias is thankfully in prison for life ( unless she can con to get a pardon), when she is old enough to actually be mature, maybe she'll fess up and be truthful. But I doubt it. She is such a liar and so self-centered that assuming she ever becomes public again, whatever she might say probably will never be the truth.  I wouldn't be surprised that sometime in the future she or some poor writer hack she's conned might churn out a book telling the "real" story.
Or maybe she's happy being in prison for the rest of her life. Three meals, do her artwork for as mling as she wants, not have to worry about getting a job, can con her supporters to fund her commisary, communicate with her supporters ( and believe it or not she has some, people who claim she is innocent, people who  believe her " I was abused" story). I imagine for her she is a happy little con right now.

 I can probbaly even predict what angles she's going to use. Conversion to Christianity, for one. Hell, if she thought it woiuld work, she could con McExorcist Bob Larson into giving her a "spiritual" diagnosis of being demon possessed and toss in a generational curse or two. After all he lives in Arizona where she is currently incarcerated. And gosh Larson does need to freshen up his current act, so why not do to her what he did to Sean Sellers while he had his radio show? If she even peeps at being involved in some form of the occult, Larson would jump at it. Though technicaly her converting to Mormonism supposedly would be enough " proof".

Then as she gets older and her prettineess fades and naturally she can't con the males much she'll try to get attention to herself in other ways.
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