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Aug. 2nd, 2015

bob larson

Jezebel spirit-- misogyny

One of the truly screwed up elements of "spiritual warfare /deliverance ministry" is this atrocious teaching about the "Jezebel spirit".

Bear in mind this movement started with " Deliver Us From Evil" and " Pigs in the Parlor" , both publised soon after the movie The Exorcist hit theaters.

The characteristics of this "spirit of Jezebel," according to these self proclaimed experts, interestingly correspond quite well to the women's liberation movement. I haven't dug deep enougb yet to see exactly when and where ( or by whom) this Jezebel spirit claim started, but I don`t think the obvious misogyny and fear of women outside their "biblical role" and the feminism movement is coincidental.

Naturally some authors link Jezebel to "witchcraft" -- as they define it, of course. Which, again no surprise, has very little to do with Wicca.

Frankly I am no longer amazed nor shocked at the misinformation and just plain made up bullshit these Christian authors and "experts" spew out. In a way its interesting as to the undercurrents behind why these people believe this crap and accept this bag of "spiritual" barf as reality.

I'm wondering if there is a single source availble analyzing critically this phenomena. I'd almost think Skeptic Magazine or Skeptical Inquirer might have posted an article or two about this.
bob larson

Duggars remove their e-begging

Because their greedy little act backfired on them, deservedly so.



And wouldn't you know, the Duggars just keep on proving thselves to be scum.



Jul. 29th, 2015

bob larson

Duggars beg for money-- from their fans

Just when you think we've had enough of the Duggar cult, here comes this news:



Yup, this one would assume a "reality TV" series with years of popularity would have been paid handsomely for their performances. They claim they lost when their series was cancelled a PROJECTED $25 million a YEAR. Yes folks, they " lost" what they haven't "earned" yet.

And in thier obvious GREED they are asking their fan folowers to give them their missing future income.

Nice wonderful, greedy crass little "Christians". Here's the kicker. They claim their show was to further the "Christian message".

And I thought Bob Larson was disgusting....

Jul. 28th, 2015

bob larson

Mike Huckabee-- doing his usual

This is why I am so glad Mike Huckabee is nolonger an Arkansas resident.



I think this is a variant of the Nazi/ Hitler trope comparison.

Aside from HICKabee invoking the Holocaust and claiming he stood at the "oven door", both being outrageous and frankly dumbass rhetoric statements, I can understand President Obama's response about his statements being out of line and unacceptable.

BTW he said this while speaking at a "Jewish event", which pretty much is his pandering and kissing Jewish ass a Christian.

While Hickabee was yapping this morning on the Today Show about how a group of people have been targeted for murder ( to him, the Jews), he naturally does not mention Christian hate towards those of other faiths or tbe atrocioys genocide of the Native Americans BY Christians.

Another good reason not to vote for this religious zealot.

Jul. 24th, 2015

bob larson

the Duggar family-- lying under oath, threats to sue. IOW typical hypocritical Christians

The Duggar family just keeps on showing themselves to be a bunch of assholes.

For example, they lied under oath.


And after their litle breeder Christian family so-called reality show was fully cancelled, the Duggars want the courts to ignore the Freedom of Information Act so they can sue about the release of the reports about their proud son child molester Josh Duggar.


That's right Duggars. Parade yourselves as devout Christians while acting like greedy, lying spiteful hypocrites. While brood sow wife pops out yet another baby because hubby refuses to keep it in his pants, their income spout is turned off and golly gee, they suddenly cry poverty. And how long was their show on the air again?

My goodness, what are these people on the verge of starvation and homelessness gonna do now? Here's an idea. Get real jobs, quit reproducing and actually be frigging responsible.

And wouldnt ya know, the misogynistic Duggars hired fellow religious nutbag Mike Huckabee's PR firm to handle the criticism against them. Nothing like screwing the pooch to show one's innocence, is there?


Jul. 23rd, 2015

bob larson

Kendra Vaughan Hovey

Here is a bit more on "Rev. Dr." Hovey, former apparently self proclaimed high proestess of her " First Church of Wicca", former Christian and now sneaking back into Paganism ( hoping we dont remember how she fucked over her Pagan " congregation".


Unfortunately Witchvox has her and her ressurrected "church" listed on their web site.


Here is Hovey`s blog, apparently solely of her book reviews.


I can't stress this enough about her. Don't EVER TRUST THIS BITCH!!

Jul. 22nd, 2015


Sandra Bland arrest and death

As I am typing this, the Texas law enforcement screw up regarding motorist Sandra Blamd`s unlawful arrest and her alleged suicide in jail continues to be a half assed, sloppy and frankly inexcusable mess.

First off, the arresting officer, state trooper Brian Encinia, openly said in the "mysteriously" chopped up police car video he was arresting her as she was sittinhg in her car while his written report said he put her under arrest AFTER he dragged her out of her car because she was supposedly combative.

But thats not all folks. It gets worse. A lot worse.

The paperwork where she was supposedly interviewd while in jail is sloppy, has no date stamp, and was not signed by her. The county did an autopsy before releading her body to the family but released only their select portions, not the full autopsy report--then wants the family to RETURN her body for their second autopsy, claiming according to the Bland family lawyer that their first autopsy was improperly done. Thuis while the family is having her body autopsied before burial.

While there is some evidence from her own Facebook page that she suffered from depression and PTSD, though the excuse was that she was venting after a bad day. On the vid her claim of having epilepsy, her obviously verbally combative behavior and off camera claims the officer bashed her head on the ground, etc., don't speak well about her.

I do think the stop itself was barely legitimate, Encinia exacerbated it when it was definitely NOT necessary nor warranted. It was a damn traffic stop and IMO Encinia was looking for an excuse to arrest her. I suspect he was deliberately trying to provoke her.


His reaction was unreasonable and escalated way too fast considering the circumstances. It was not neccesary, not professional and stinks of a bully with a badge.



IMO Encinia and Bland overreacted, and the public wouldn't have known about this if she didn't die while in jail. Was she suicidal? Did she in fact hang herself with a plastic garbage bag?

Maybe she did. Maybe she in fact had an undiagnosed personality disorder like hystrionic personality disorder or a mental disorder where her mind and emotions swung to suicidal actions ( pardon the unintended pun) .

Or maybe she was murdered and its being covered up.


I'm no conspiracy theorist whacko but this whole thing stinks to me.

Something's seriously wrong here.

Jul. 20th, 2015

bob larson

Robin Williams -- murdered?

As a fan of Mister Williams, after his death I've become interested in the circumstances of his life, including his last year of this lifetime.

You wouldn't believe the crap thats out there. Aside from the legal battles between his sons and daughter and his widow, there are some serious nut cases online who go so far as to claim he was murdered. By whom? Take your pick: the Illluminati, a buglar who drugged him ( a crappy tabloid paper -- and yes that is redundant) and because he supposedly was a Christian, among other "theories".

Heck go to Youtube and search " Robin Williams murder".

I understand its hard to believe he took his own life. But depression, the onset of both Parkinson's and his undiagnosed form of delusional dementia are all legitimate factors to consider that for whatever reason, he gave in to the thought of suicide. It was hard for me when I first heard the sad news. I've said before here how I reacted.

However I've seen no credible evidence so far that he was murdered. The lack of a suicide note by itself is no proof. My theory, such as it is, is that he realized he was losing control of his mind, his online search turned up empty and he was afraid that he might end up hurting someone in his dementia. Maybe ( ironically considering the family lawsuit) he was worried that he would become too much a burden to his family. This may have been too much for him.

I do believe he was mentally ill when he killed himself. As such, if there is a just god Robin Williams's soul or spirit should have gone on to a better place.

I doubt he was murdered.






Jul. 19th, 2015

bob larson

William Schnoebelen " Halloween Unmasking Hellnight"

In case you think I misspelled "hell night", here is the proof that Schnoebelen, good old Jack Chick robot that he is, even had it misspelled as one word on this DVD.


Essentially what this DVD seems to be is little more than a version of the anti- Halloween videos and books that were popular some years ago, leading to the hypocritical franchisex Hell Houses and the weak trunk and treats.

Now that Schnoebelen is calling himself a "cult expert", this vid , as he promo for it says, is a "timely DVD", yada yada.


An d if you don't want to shell out money for this piece of crap, here is the vid on Youtube.




I should mention that using the same mask the white hat hacker group Anonymous uses, the same mask used in the movie V for Vendetta, to illustrate this has an ironic aspect to it.

Jul. 18th, 2015

bob larson

Silver Ravenwolf

A long time ago I read Silver Ravenwolf`s book Ride a Silver Broomstick and though it was okay to good. Then I read her awful " Teen Witch" book and realized this "famous name" Pagan author was an idiotic asshole. This blog preety mich explains why I now think of her as crap.


Cassie Beyer pretty much sums up her cultishness, intolerance, lack of honest scholary study and just plain being bleh.

My serious departure with her was one her advice in TW about a teen with an abusive boyfriend. Her advice, which was in essence to do a ritual to make the abusive boyfriend go to his next victim was so damn wrong I began to fervently wish nobody followed that shitty advice. As a true crime reader I know about the reality of abusers, domestic abuse and the predator mentality, and her advice to me almost guaranteed tragic results.

There is this claim in her defense that because of her we Wiccans can now be open. This claim, while it has some truth to to, doesn't excuse her for being an asshole. True, she was part of numerous Pagans who went public and took the risks so Pagans and Wiccans later on can be more open, but she was not the only one. Just like Sybil Leek, who turned out to be a liar, one can assist in a just cause but still be a less than credible person.

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