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Nov. 23rd, 2015

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True Blood season 6

Actually that season wasn't so bad. It wasnt great, but at least it wasn't totally dumbass stupid.

Interesting parts: Book of Lilith ( the vampire bible) , the hepatitis V in the Tru Blood as a response to the vampire wilding out of control, the curfew on vampires because of the wilding, Eric being the proactive hero instead of a complete asshole, and the Bililith blood making captured vampires able to walk in the sunlight.

Dumbass stupid parts: Bill- Lilith trapped as a savior vampire god where only Fae blood can save him from sunlight, the tired and predictable trope of Sookies love interest being the same one out to get her, a vampire concentration camp set up involving vampires who are faster than human reactions yet seem to not fight back until Eric and Bill come in, some bullshit plot twists about the Fae, Lilith and a fae- vampire hybrid and Sookies parents not being as loving as she thought. Oh and a weak crappy " prophecy" in the Book of Lilith.

Even before I heard of the hep V plot, I figured that due to the vampire wilding killing spree on season 5, some human would have devised a way to create vampire genocide, their weakness being the need for Tru Blood.

I won't spoil the ending shot for the season, but even I figured out the walking around in sunlight bit wouldn't be permanent. Kinda dumb for a centuries old vampire sunbathing in the nude to be so naive to assume that the protection was permanent.

A small group of human "monster welfare" activists being too dumb to be wary around werewolves and paying for their naivete. A slasher tyoe movie chase scene involving the female religious zealot and the female representative of a Japanese company that was supposed to be macabre humor but turned out to be meh. Some of the minor supporting characters were more fleshed out. And a slimy little betrayer turned vampire finally gets what he deserves,though I did like that character.
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Supergirl TV series

So far the TV series Supergirl isn't as bad as I feared. In fact its gotten some pretty good reviews.

Seems they kept the Supergirl was to raise Kal -El but got delayed story plot mentioned in Smallville. But it looks like they melded bits and pieces of the various Supergirl origin stories into this version. Dunno yet if they're going to flesh out better a few things, but they did adapt the Smallville monster of the week plot device into a better Warehouse 13 type of plot device.

A few bits here and there seem to be weak, but then again the series has finished only a few episodes so far.

Unfortunately one episide about a terrorist was shelved because it was scheduled to air the Monday after the Paris massacres.
bob larson

Robin Williams

Bullshit conspiracy web site includes an entry on Robin Williams.


I could really spew some vitriol on the crap on that web page alone, but choose not to. Suffice to say only dumbasses fall for garbage like that.

Oct. 21st, 2015


True Blood season 4

I finally got both season 3 & 4 of True Blood,partly because I saw season 5 when HBO did their little big event promo days for the sixth season hurrah publicity.

I posted earlier my opinion of season 1 & 2. Both season 3 & 4 had some promise and a few good character developments of the supporting characters.

But the " Wiccans" and Goddess shop and " necromancer" croneish lady of season 4 was so atrociously done, so frigging bad and hack workish, that I fully agree with the Pagans who were upset when that garbage aired.





Among others.

I found it offensive that the show portrayed the members of the "coven" as weak little fraidy cats, that two while trapped "called on the Goddess" with what was the most inane unemotional lame ass invocation I have ever heard, plus the total ignorance of the Rede by the so- called necromancer / medium / high priestess that was so awful I even began to think both Buffy and Charmed were better.

While the high priestess in the wizzley link had some very good points, my take on this is yeah this is fantasy, not reality, so the so-called Wicca in this was not what Wiccans are and do. But it is no different, image wise,than the "satanic cult" portrayals in certain horror movies and TV shows of the seventies and eighties.

I should note that soon after during season 5 the creator of these characters Charlaine Harris, pretty much put both of her thumbs down on the show and even went so far as to kill Sookie in her novel.


And, no surprise,the fans of True Blood hated her for it,for killing Sookie. Even though she had her reasons to do so as a writer. I should also mention that Harris highly dislikes any of her characters being used in fan fiction. An unfortunate dictatorial stance considering that when she started writing, I bet she wrote fanfic.

I like the character Lafayette and both seasons had some good interesting parts. But some of this felt "wrong". And yes there has to be the damn nudity and make believe screwings, which again felt like airtime filler.

But I can see how season 5 was a train veering off the rails and the online comments of seasons 6 & 7 aren't promising. I'm withholding judgement about why the popular series went bye bye until after I watch the last two seasons, but I have a few suspicions.

After all, you should never piss off a witch.....

Oct. 14th, 2015

bob larson

cult Christian church beats children , one dies.


http://www.cbsnews.com/news/police-parents-beat-son-to-death-in-church-counseling-session/Religious fanatics.

Wonder what these two bastards excuse is for this murder?

Bruce Leonard and wife Deborah Leonard of the Christian CULT church "Word of Life Church" of New Hartford, are being charged with manslaughter over one son's death. Manslaughter after HOURS of beating.

Enough of this crap. Fanatics like these shou be charged with MURDER. No damn excuses because of their religion.

Oct. 2nd, 2015

bob larson

Chris Harper-Mercer

By now the name of the Oregon shooter, in spite of the law enforcement spokesman`s intent never to name him, is Chris Harper-Miller. Details are too early about this case for me to cite authoritatively, but a few things online I decided to note here.

One alleged witness claims he asked the religion of the students before shooting them, implying that he was specifically targetung Christians. This feels a bit too much of the Cassie Bernall myth story for me to consider credible inless others speak up and verify her story.


An UK tabloid online claims he was British, supported the IRA and was a Nazi type.

http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/609395/Chris-Harper-Mercer-shooter-Oregon-Umpqua-Community-CollegeHe apparently did this partly to "honor" Elliot Roger and Vester Flanagan.

Like Roger, he was of mixed race-- white father and African American mother-- and lived an upper class upbringing, like Roger did.

He lists himself online as conservative Republcan but supposedly "not religious." He was a loner and introvert of sorts, definitely not a social person.

He had a blog under a file sharing site under the name Lithium_love, the pertinent part praising Flanagan repeated elsewhere online.

Among the weapons he used was an AR -15 tyoe assault rifle.

I can understand why the law enforcement official refused to say his name. Considering what the murderer did say online, it is clear even to me he wanted to be "famous" like Elloit Roger. I understand but as a true crime reader I disagree with withholding his name. Partly because people need to understand WHY he did it and partly to show the characteristics of the person that indicate a criminal profile of such mass murderers.

And he does seem to share a few characteristics of other mass or spree shooter murderers in the last 20 years or so.

The odd thing is that I personally hve a few of these characteristics (introvert, for example) yet I have absolutely no desire to go on a spree murder or any of that crap. In fact that notion is repulsive to me.

Maybe its because I'm female, not male, and that I'm at least somewhat mature.

Sep. 18th, 2015

bob larson

Jezebel spirit-- includes feminism and democracy

Ive been doing some reading online about this "Jezebel spirit" crap McExorcist and Pentecostals/ charismatics are peddling. One of the interesting web sites Ive come acriss is the one listed below


Interesting not in how factual it is -- its not. There are some serious factual errors , including wrongly mixing deity names-- but in the sense that it confirms my throry that the Jezebel spirit claim is indeed connected to anti-feminism.
bob larson

Christian postal clerk steals from Pagan customer

This pretty much says it:



Fortunately the lady fully intends to sue the as yet unnamed postal worker thief. Once said thief is identifief, no doubt he or she will whine "Christian persecution" victimhood.

Poor bigoted self righteous Xians. We're no longer remaining silent while you trod on us and piss on us.

Sep. 13th, 2015

bob larson

Kevin Sorbo--party rager?

Kevin Sorbo, D- list actor, Hercules TLJ star, now a far right Christian actor, seemed to have had a rager party at his home last July.


Naturally nothing about him actually being there or not.

BTW for a guy who claims Hollywood has shunned him for his Christianity, he sure as hell lives in a very nice mansion.

Aug. 27th, 2015


Bryce Williams

Im still saddened by the truly senselrss murder of Alison Parker and Adam Ward by this unfortunately now deceased Bryce Williams AKA Vesyer Lee Flanagan II.


As a true crime reader, one of the reasons I am interested in the subject is to figure out why awful things like this happen and how to spot and maybe prevent more tragedies.

I haven't seen his 23 page " manifesto" yet, which would help give some insight into the killer's thinking, but it does feel like a copycat crime, mixing ironically the Charleston church shooting with the misogynist loser with his "manifesto".

Anger issues, yeah. Most certainly an unrealistic view of others and possibly an obsession about percieved wrongs and slights. No honest consideration that he might be wrong or at fault.

And, no surprise, Fox Mews ews and white racists are emphasising this as a racial hate crime by a black gay man. While it can at least somewhat legitimately be seen as a racially motivated hate crime, it appears more to me like a personal vendetta of a person sick with hate and obsessiin. The fact that he clearly planned this out, including wearing a Go vid camera as he did it, to me indicates he wanted publicity and attention to himself.

Ironically hus claim of racial bias, considering what he did, makes white racists happy.

Seriously, there has to be better ways to deal with people like this. In Elliot Rogers case the signs were there, even hus family saw some of it, but they didn't know how far gone Roger was until.too late.

While I agree with some of what Stephanie Miller and her crew said today on her show, I do thunk its hypocritical of them to try to minimalize the obvious racial bigotry in this by the killer while mentioning (rightly, I may add) foxnews not mentioning the white Christian conservative aspects of other killers in the news, which are also hate crimes.

I do agree with her that its way too easy for mentally ill people to buy guns. Howeve rd I disagree with her about the severity of the current violence in the news. Yes it SEEMS that way now but as any student of history can tell you, history is filled with incidents of murder sprees, serial murderers and times and places where life was cheap. Case in point: the "wild west".

What are the common factors in cases like this-- other than the guns? One guess, mental illness and isolation. An unhealthy and distorted focus on one thing, percieved as a source of being personally wronged or cheated. An obsession about that alleged wrong. No insight that what they are thinking is aberrant or unrealistic.

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