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May. 22nd, 2016

bob larson

Bob Larson

I realize that I haven't been posting much detail here lately about my favorite exploitive little con artist McExorcist Bob Larson. Part of this is quite frankly after his Skype exorcism publicity stunt, the old posturing pissant Larson hasn't really posted anything on his web site or actually done anything worth commenting on.

Yup, he got boring and predictable.

Case in point, his recent Constant Contact /blog" entry:


Allow me to copy and paste this self promotion filled adult diaper for you.


Thursday , May 16, 2016

The guy above looks like an expert. He's got the lab coat, the Einsteinian hair, and he's teaching at a chalkboard. Is he? He's actually an actor portraying an expert. Beware so-called experts. The dictionary says that an expert is a person with "special skill or knowledge in some particular field, a specialist; an authority." Which brings me to an article I read this past week by a nationally-known, well-respected Christian pastor. I know this man personally. He's a good man and has done great things for the Lord, in his areas of gifting. But for some reason he decided to weigh in on the topic of spiritual warfare and demons.

Much of what he said was excellent, and I agreed with 90% of what he said. But that 10% or so veered into an area in which he is not an expert. This successful pastor declared, "In 25 years of ministry I have only encountered five people who needed some kind of exorcism." He went on to say that any casting out of demons should always be done in a "private setting." So much for our nearly 8 million YouTube viewers who have been exposed to the gospel and power of Christ in scores of nations worldwide.

I have high regard for this man of God and thank the Lord for all the great places that his spiritual gifts have taken him. But I encounter more than 5 cases of exorcism on an average day, and 40,000 catalogued cases going back nearly 40 years, many hundreds of them documented on video, captured live and in action. Surely he can't dismiss all of that summarily with his "expertise." Christians in places of responsible leadership need to be cautious about using their spiritual gifts in those areas where they are NOT an expert. This pastor in question (and he's not alone in this regard) has been used of the Lord to build thriving churches where thousands attend, something I haven't been called to do. I don't tell him how to grow a local congregation. He's the expert at that. I wish that he, and others like him, would back off a little from offering their "expert" advice in areas about which they have little, if any, experience. Leave the credibility and necessity of deliverance and exorcism to those of us who are God-called experts, by Spirit-led experience and the grace of our common Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Enroll in our International School of Exorcism®,
CLICK HERE or call 303-980-1511.

An encouraging word: HE IS COMING
"Behold, He is coming!" That opening statement of Revelation 1:7 sums up what we need to know about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. There is much speculation among well-meaning Christians about when and how that will happen. Some have divided into so-called Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, and Post-Trib factions, depending on when they believe the rapture will take place. Some say it will be before the Millennium and some after. But whichever group you are part of theologically, one thing is certain. He is coming! In the words of the Nicene Creed "He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and His kingdom will have no end." Amen.


Okay, now that we have that nonsense posted, here is my response.

As usual for Larson, when he is dissing or commenting on a particular web page reference, he "coincidentally" neglects to add the link to the web site.

Here is the web page he " forgot" to specify.


Charisma News is a Christian magazine of the Pentecostal/ Charismatic sect, an area of Christianity Larson currently is exploiting for fame and profit.

Frankly I think McExorcist was upset that the magazine didn't interview him for the story. Larson was a few weeks earlier all happy that a Washington newspaper " reporter" interviewed him regarding one Presidential candidate calling another evil or a devil. It wouldn't surprise me that after Bobbie was on his ego high, he started Googling anything on exorcism published recently and found this article. Too bad his name doesn't come up in the Google news feeds any more ( hee hee).

Or, should I say, opinion piece, as the web link clearly marks it that way.

If you read the column and ignore for the moment the Christian " spiritual warfare" bullshit, the reason why Larson reacted negatively to this web page should be fairly obvious. The author of this, Jentenzen Franklin, in a roundabout way, cautions against the type of so- called "exorcism" Larson uses.

Note what Larson decides to quote. The guy's claim of being in exorcism for 25 years.

And OC he titles his response as a " warning" against " exorcism experts". Irony noted.

Sometimes he makes it way too easy for me to criticize his crap.I honestly don't think I need to say much on this one because the errors and his motives are pretty obvious.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that all this time when he started his " real exorcist" exploitation her's been (ahem) " borrowing" his material from other " deliverance" ministry sources.

For example, he popped in the Jezebel spirit crap only a few years ago. When he was doing his " live on the air" "exorcisms" of callers on his radio show, I never heard him mention Jezebel spirit.

"His" current book, printed by the only Christian press that will still deal with him ( and they are a vanity press) is called " Dealing With Demons", a different book that he claimed he was writing earlier this year about his version of the prosperity gospel. So I don't think his criticism of this opinion column was a coincidence. Maybe a little damage control if his followers realize his current book claiming to, among other things, interrogate demons, might be, oh I dunno, false unbiblical teachings. Might hurt his sales to his suckers.

Apr. 19th, 2016

bob larson


Living in a rural area as I do, I occasionally encounter an opossum. Aside from their sharp teeth and ratlike appearance, these killers of kittens, puppes and chickens have sympathetic humans claiming they are harmless, were here first, humans invading their territory, etc.

What utter bullshit. Yes from their metabolism they don't carry rabies and when confronted by anything larger than them they likely play dead ( however, not always). But all these opossum defenders forget to understand how destructive these animals are and that they do carry very bad diseases.

I just finished reading from a web site on how to deal with possums. The comments were interesting as to the mentality of the pro-possum people versus those who actually have bad experiences with the creatures. Or, to phrase it another way, fantasy versus reality.


As I was reading the comments I was thinking the possum lovers obviously have never met the skunkish smelly little (and not so damn little) bastards. I also had the passing thought "you know you can eat them, right?" They used to be a Southern food source, though frankly Id have to be damn hungry to skin and cook one. Bleh!


Ah well guess its a matter of taste.....

Seems Australian possum is endangered but in New Zealand they are a nuisance pest. In America they are pests, and I don't care w hat the posdum lovers say otherwise.

They're damn ugly to boot.

Apr. 2nd, 2016

TW default


Christian superhero series, just a reminder.

I'll be honest here and say while the series isn't great at least in the beginning it wasn't sucky as the later ones were.

When Ames, the former actor in the TV series Eight is Enough, started this, from what I could tell he made it adolescent friendly but also had his and the villain charracters at times break the fourth wall and make comments adults can understand. Not nearly as good as Deadpool, but it made the early ones amusing. The Despair one, for example, had the bad guy clearly hamming it up, being partly Jim Carreys The Riddler type and partly the Mask character ( also played by Jim Carrey). The sets were better than in the later episodes, which makes me wonder if this was such a sucessful series for Christians why they later seriously cheapened the sets and the costumes. In the early ones even the Bibleman costume,though not great, looked better on film than the Bibleman Adventures version ( which looked strongly like it was a Goodwill store mash up of various cheap plastic. Look at the "gauntlets" for example. They are toy coffin lids from Halloween painted yellow with a cross on them. Not to mention the beer gut chest plate.)

I pretty much figured out the bad guys were demons lite, more of comic relief and cartoonish slapstick than anything really scary. Then OC there is the George Lucas light sabers rip.off. Funny the demon villains who presumably sneak around don't know Biblemans identity.

I started watching these movies not expecting much in terms of credibility, plot or special effects. As I said they started out well enough to be above campy level but clearly watered down for children. Then for some reason (maybe Ames having to go into rehab) the quality overall seems to have taken a downward spiral toa point that it was so bad even high school kids can make better sets, costumes and acting.

I think Bibleman originally had promise, the potential of being one of the few "faith based" entertainment to break into the secular world. The first two movies had that spark, that cleverness. But crap like Gods Not Dead 2 with its one sided antagonists and heavy handed unrealistic plot that plays more like a bigoted propaganda film rather than an honest story get into the secular world.

Sort of a shame, really.

Mar. 28th, 2016

bob larson

Goodwill greedy bastards

I found a DVD set of Star Trek The Motion Pictures Collection at a yard sale for $5. So I go on Ebay to see what the set is going for, or more accurately what the sellers asking prices are. As usual the prices for this specific item vary. With the usual few incredibly greedy sellers.

In this instance one greedy seller asking almost $500 for the set is a particular Goodwill online store. The price is so high even Amazon has the same set for one fifth that price.

Now my local Goodwill regarding certain items is at times priced higher than reasonable. Bear in mind ALL Goodwill stores are DONATION supplied stores. So this atrocious markup example had me thinking where the money actually goes to in Goodwill.

What I found online was frankly disgusting. Workers treated like crap almost as bad as swet shops, and little of the many profits made actually went to deserving poor people. Most went to rich CEOs.

You got that right. Donations people make turn into almost pure profit for the greedy few who do almost nothing while the people they claim to help get crumbs, if anything at all.





This is their bullshit response:


Needless to say I am choosing to patronize other thrift stores than Goodwill.

Blatant greedy thievery like this in the deception of "helping" disabled people is disgusting.

Mar. 23rd, 2016

bob larson

Mark Levin bangs for war

One of the reasons I normally do not listen to radio "talk shows" nowadays is that the so called hosts are nothing more then demagogues. Yesterday mister yell and scream on the mic Mark Levin went almost full ass apers regarding the Belgium terrorist bombings and was yet again for me a good example of why I consider people like him big mouthed little shits.

There's an old saying. Old men cry war war and young men die. Yes World War II was a just cause to fight against two aggressive evils. But in that case both evils were easily identified. In Viet Nam and in the two shitty other politician's wars, the "enemy" were hidden among the noncombatants.

Levin clearly has neither served in the military nor does he know a goddamn thing about actual warfare. For this little creep to bang the drums of war, he ought to be on the front lines in the war he wants so damn much. But, as usual, he won't risk his own hide, just the lives of those in the military.

Tell you what, Levin, and all your fellow war hawks. Assuming we're going to be in yet another damn useless war, why don't you be assigned to write personally condolence letters to the families of each casualty? And accompany the dead back to the States.

I'm a military brat. My father served in Nam. I know enough about such things to know the last undeclared war was so fucked up they even had a base surrounded by mountain peaks. You can guess what happened in THAT one. I don't need to be a military tactician to know logistic fuck ups when I see them. Part of the point in a war is to have as few casualties on your side and many on theirs as possible.

If our men and women in the military are to risk their lives, it better be for a DAMN good reason and worth the cost.

Mar. 9th, 2016

CK Xray grin


Recently I've been enjoying myself watching a few Bibleman vids. If you don't know what Bibleman is, he's basically a very badly done "Christian" version of Batman originally, then when the actor playing Bibleman went into rehab, the yutzes who made this crappy series changed the origin story to something less dramatic.

Let's just say it's worse than the Adam West Batman TV series with a crappy budget, crappy villains and "heroes" who rode the short bus to school. Awful dialogue, almost incredibly stupid plots and overall just plain amateur.

All of which makes it MST3K mockingly amusing. Even better, the Christian idiots who have the rights to this stinker made at least a dozen episodes/ movies of this turkey.

Yessirre folks. Superman, Wolverine and Captain Marvel have nothing compared to Bibleman -- who quotes Bible verses while carrying around a Star Wars ripoff lightsaber. Yes it is THAT lame.

For an added treat, the Bible Reloaded on Youtube featuring Hugo and Jake have a few critique vids on various Bibleman episodes. They also have sone dramatic readings of a few Jack Chick tracts.

If this is what Christians think is acceptable for their kids to watch, all I can say is no wonder their stupid little brats grow up to be stupid people who follow Donald Trump and Sarah Palin.

I seem to remember a Justice League live action movie on TV on a few decades ago that was lame, but it was not nearly as lame as Bibleman.

Glory to gawd that the acting, plots and sets of a "superhero" series for Christian kids make scraping the bottom of a cesspool look like an improvement. Bad lines, awful scripts token black and female and absolutely no relation even remotely to the real world ( or credibility) at all. Yup, a jewel in Christian entertainment !!

Gotta love this stupidity and idiocy. And to think Beetleborgs was better than this dreck.....

Feb. 23rd, 2016

bob larson

Zachary King

I've been looking online for any evidence that Zachary King, alleged ex- Satanist, former "high wizard" and so forth actually was what he claimed he was. I can't get proof from him because, no surprise, he won't answer my queries.

One of his claims is that he's writing a book titled Abortion is a Satanic Sacrifice. Recently he said in a Youtube vid his book's been delayed due to his "spiritual adviser;
".Turns out that might not be the case.

Here is a link to a Christian duscussiin forum where King, no surprise, introduced himself in promoting his book while not immediately mentioning he is the author.


I include the link here because the thread is interesting in how he avoids showing proof of his claims. Pretty much the evasiveness and defensiveness of a liar. IMO.

Nice to know that not everyone in his current targeted audience of Catholics believe him without question.

3-9-2016-- I've been reviewing a few Jeff Rense episodes King copied on his YouTube account. Granted Rense is C2C imitation with his conspiracies crap, but as I'm listening to King claim he was part of the Bohemian Grove as the "high wizard", claims Freemasons served as armed secuity and that one town controlled by freemasons banned him from their town and other obvious bullshit stories, I'm honestly dumbfounded how anyone can believe the crap King spins. The lying little con artist is mixing John Todd, Lauren Stratford and smatterings of Mike Warnke to create this garbage heap that is so bad even I can see the holes in it and how much it stinks.

No surprise, King has yet to show any proof of his clsims. No flyer from "the grove" event he claims was actually printed showing his name and address and includes a mention of baby sacrifice. No Moloch statue of "either metal or ceramic" where babies were burned to death as offerings. Not a damn bit of proof to back up his claims.

BTW another book he's claiming he's writing is " Satan Loves Me, He Loves Me Not." Abd yes that one is also "delayed".

((Shakes head)) For a guy who claims to have been so high up in this "evil" organization that his leaving would be a danger to this allegedly dastardly world domination bunch of schemers, golly gee, you'd think these evil people would want to silence this little turd. After all, he supposedly knows names and secrets and such.

Guess it's much braver to claim to escape a FICTIONAL group of people than, say, actually BE in danger from the Mafia or any actual criminal organization. The SRA shit all over again. And some people swallow this bullshitter`s stories.

Feb. 10th, 2016

bob larson


I hate it.Political parties select the pawns they want the public to vote for, not people who can actually do the job. Lotta money wasted selling loads of crap.

Donald Trump is an opportunist who I really hope DOESN'T get elected POTUS. Because if he does, we're screwed. WTFuckHuck thankfully dropped out.

Not really fond of Hilary Clinton. Bernie Sanders has some good ideas but doesn't know how to fund his proposals.

Some of those GOP candidates are too fundy Christian for me to trust them with access to the nuclear launch codes.


Feb. 9th, 2016

CK Xray grin


TV series Lucifer-- Based on DC comics Sandman, this new show had some Christians up in arms about it last year when news came out about it, with the usual predictable crap from their ignorance in context. I've seen all the broadcast episodes so far and frankly its little more than a cop procedural with Lucifer Morningstar being a smug asshole. There's promise about his absense from hell causing problems but so far nothing really interesting to me. There was one scene where he rightly calls a street preacher fake a liar and scares the crap out of that shyster, but the whole demon and hell aspect is not exploited like it should be.

Supergirl-- To my pleasant surprise,the first season so far doesn't stink. They actually pulled it off enough that a second season is promised.

X-Files season 10-- Actually pretty good. Last week's episode about the "weremonster" was to me funny enough I laughed out loud at some parts of it.

The Choice movie-- The only reason I would be interested in this movie is because Tom Welling is in it. Unfortunately the reviews so far say this movie stinks. AFAIK Welling has more of a cameo appearance in this than any lenghthy role.

McExorcist Bob Larson-- Supposedly will have a new book out against Mammon but will switch to peddling the prosperity gospel crap since his current exorcism exploitatiin may be dying off. Same old greedy buy my books and DVDs and my "school" marketing disguised as a religious organization.

Nov. 23rd, 2015

TW default

True Blood season 6

Actually that season wasn't so bad. It wasnt great, but at least it wasn't totally dumbass stupid.

Interesting parts: Book of Lilith ( the vampire bible) , the hepatitis V in the Tru Blood as a response to the vampire wilding out of control, the curfew on vampires because of the wilding, Eric being the proactive hero instead of a complete asshole, and the Bililith blood making captured vampires able to walk in the sunlight.

Dumbass stupid parts: Bill- Lilith trapped as a savior vampire god where only Fae blood can save him from sunlight, the tired and predictable trope of Sookies love interest being the same one out to get her, a vampire concentration camp set up involving vampires who are faster than human reactions yet seem to not fight back until Eric and Bill come in, some bullshit plot twists about the Fae, Lilith and a fae- vampire hybrid and Sookies parents not being as loving as she thought. Oh and a weak crappy " prophecy" in the Book of Lilith.

Even before I heard of the hep V plot, I figured that due to the vampire wilding killing spree on season 5, some human would have devised a way to create vampire genocide, their weakness being the need for Tru Blood.

I won't spoil the ending shot for the season, but even I figured out the walking around in sunlight bit wouldn't be permanent. Kinda dumb for a centuries old vampire sunbathing in the nude to be so naive to assume that the protection was permanent.

A small group of human "monster welfare" activists being too dumb to be wary around werewolves and paying for their naivete. A slasher tyoe movie chase scene involving the female religious zealot and the female representative of a Japanese company that was supposed to be macabre humor but turned out to be meh. Some of the minor supporting characters were more fleshed out. And a slimy little betrayer turned vampire finally gets what he deserves,though I did like that character.

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