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Jul. 18th, 2016

CK Xray grin

Preacher TV series

This AMC series based on the comic book should be interesting, shouldn't it? The plot of a human preacher with a dark past being the host of an offspring of an angel and a demon, with a heavily Irish accented best friend who happens to be a vampire and a girlfriend who is an inventive badass, with supporting antagonist characters like Assface and a sociopathic meat producer, such elements have potential to create good stories.

 Too bad season one is half assed. I get it the producers had to limit Preacher to his small town, which was not the case in the comics. But, damn the episodes are dragging worse than a full sack of potatoes on a hot day.

 The worst part of it is the waste of good characters. When  the protagonist is doing little more than scuffing his shoes on the dust, that is not a good sign. Even Eugene AKA Assface is a better rounded character than Preacher. Cassidy, the vampire, is being wasted as a monr supporting character and Preacher's old girlfriend is on a standstill when her characte ris clearly one who takes action.

 The show does have a few good points. The problem between his Genesis fueled commands versus human faults creaing more harm than good,  for example. Preacher having to face his "chosen by God" self importance with the consequences of his power. And some dark, dry humor.

 But seriously, even with the limiting it to one location area, this could be a lot better. The local Texas town people are portrayed as quasi ignorant hicks, Even the antagonist, the meat packer owner, seems one dimensional at times.

Jul. 17th, 2016

TW default

Four Baton Rouge cops murdered

 Today as i am typing this the news is reporting four Baton Rouge police officers have died in a shooting attack by two or more people. Last I heard one of the gunmen has died. No word on what his or her race is, but I'm betting African American.

 This the day after the suposedly nationwide demonstrations cheeed on by Black Lives Matter.

 And, as usual, the comments online include some blacks trying to turn the focus on how they are victims, some whites getting really fed up with seeing a few black people calling for killing cops and the usual fearmongering nut cases, both racists and conspiracy theorists, hyping up this as a race war and on and on.

My view, such as it is, is that killing, regardless of the reason, is wrong. If its wong for cops to kill blacks it is also wrong for blacks to kill cops.

We humans can be better than this. We each should strive to not give in to the hate, the fear and the drum bangers.

 To put this increasing crap another way, assuming there is this being that is a misanthrope, really hates humans and wants us to lose whatever progress we strive to have regarding civil rights and equality and justice. Let's assume this being has the power to manipulate some by their emotions, such as hate and fear.. Crap like this aids this  malicious being and maybe was its intention all along.

 Some are claiming that certain extremists have "hijacked" BLM for their own destructive purposes. IOW don't blame BLM for the hateful rhetoric that lead to the two instances of murdered cops. Much like the " pro-lifers" tried to distance themselves when their rhetoric inspired a few people to murder doctors and anyone else connected to women's clinics.

 Let me make this plain , What you say influences what others do. You make militant threats and demagoguery, don't act innocent when someone acts on your words and harms or kills another person. This is just plain comon sense.

 If you're a black person and you think killing cops is street justice or revenge for the unjustices cops have done to you, congratulations. You are aiding the racists who hate you by doing exactly what they think you are. You  make vids loudly calling for what essentually is a race war, or calling for cops to be killed, you play right into the racists hands and lowered yourselves down to their prejudiced views of your race.

 Inform, don't inflame.
 Educate, don't eradicate.

 Surprise or diappoint the racists by NOT being what they expect you to be, by being the better person.

 I'm saying the obvious here.

Jul. 8th, 2016

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Dallas BLM protest shooting / White lives don't matter?

 As I am typing this, the news ( such as it is) is reporting that five cops are dead and one of six snipers at Dallas last might said he wanted to shoot not only whie cops but whites as well before cops finally blew that bastard up.

 My previous blog entry yesterday pretty much said what some of the reactions were before this sniper murders. I was concerned that someone goaded  all this damn hate would start killing cops. Unfortunately my concern turned out to be well founded.

As typical with hatemongers. some are distancing themselves from the consequences of their words and threats. Some are still making excuses and evasions. And a few are trying damage control, saying that killing cops is not what BLM is about, etc/

 Let me say this. The Minnesota shooting was wrong and the cop there should be prosecuted. But there is no legitimate excuse for anyone to get so worked up by the hateful rhetoric that six planned this sniper attack. Words have consequences. Hate feeds only hate.
Yes there have been cases of cops murdering not only black men but others as well. And when they murder, not justly commit homicide in self defense, they should be prosecuted.

 But you don't respond with making sniper gangs to kill cops protectiing your own race, cops who have nothing to do with the bad cops.

Jul. 7th, 2016


Black Lives Matter-- unless blacks are killing blacks

Black Lives Matter-- unless blacks are killing blacks

First, let me say that I am not a racist. I despises the KKK , David Duke and white supremacists. However, what I am about to say might be construed as being racist.

In the past three days two incidents of cops killing back men have resulted in public outrage by Black Lives Matter people. Now at this early stage I do think the cops at the least over reacted. Unfortunately there is a mind set with police to shoot first then ask questions later. And yes there are murderers wearing police badges.

I am however starting to lose sympathy for black people. Some of the crap from them online I've been seeing include attempts to hurl “white guilt”, calls for racial uprisings and even vids and posts by blacks calling for blacks to outright murder white people.

IMO the worst enemy black Americans have is their own. What is valued in current “black” culture? Gangsta rap, drugs, calling women hoes, gangs and OC their sloppy clothes and eff you all attitude. Not qualities that are constructive and foster a good image. Add to that the trope they use about being “ oppressed” and “ victims” and blaming their failures on white people, plus the frankly bullshit some pull out when homicides by cops happen.

When the Black Lives Matter things started, I was truly sympathetic and agreed with them. Some police WERE in fact using excessive force on black males and were IMO guilty of manslaughter at the least. However when BLM movement started doing crap like protest at a Bernie Sanders event ( a guy who has been FOR civil rights for minorities for decades) it became obvious to me that BLM was about getting attention to themselves at expense of the facts and disregarded whether or not their protests and demonstrations were warranted or not.

Now, however, I am getting tired of the whole blacks as innocent victims crap. Yes they have been unfairly targeted by cops. But this playing victim all the time and looking for racism when none exists is too much for me to dismiss now. It was bad enough when Trayvon Martin supporters displayed an old photo of him because more recent photos made Martin look threatening rather than the innocent harmless 12 year old image they wanted to sell the public. And yes Zimmerman, like it or not, killed in self defense at the moment he shot his gun. Though frankly Zimmerman should have never had a gun in the first place and did instigate that crap. But when the same BLM protesters dismiss the long criminal record of the Baton Rouge man ( which includes domestic battery and why he was a registered sex offender) while touting him as the supposedly loving family man ( who sold BTW bootleg, illegal CDS) and claim things about the gun that neither video made public shows clearly, then I finally said enough of their histrionics.

I can understand them being upset. I can sympathize with the families of the men who were killed. But here's one of many problems BLM supporters don't mention. Most murders of blacks are by black people. If black lives truly matter then why aren't these people protesting against that? Because it “matters” only when it gains publicity, feeds the distrust of police and stirs up the drama.

The two BR vids are not clear as to where his hands actually were at the time he was shot to death. He was on his back, not on his stomach, and even I can see he was trying to rise up when he was shot. Not being morbid here, but neither the vid taken from a passenger car nor the vid the wife of the killed man that was transmitted live online ( I'll get to that one in a minute) shows unblinking, so to speak, what actually happened. At the crucial moment the passenger vid camera was taken away from the scene being recorded. While in that case I can understand the person wishing to duck and hide, the lapse adds questions. Bear in mind in that incident a caller said to police the man had a gun and was brandishing it around at the store. So naturally police were on alert. Though I do question why they shot him while he was prone on the ground. And how “coincidentally” both their body cameras supposedly flew off. The store owner having to turn over nit only the pertinent vid but his whole vid monitoring system to the cops is highly questionable to me.

The second incident where the girlfriend / wife of the killed man in the car includes a few things that strike me as off. Why were the cops so agitated in the first place? Why was this woman live streaming the vid of her bloody and dying guy beside her? I can see that she might have thought to pass the vid on to the public so justice could be done for her and her male companion if the cops killed her as well. But it does bring to mind why she thought of doing that while in panic or in shock as it was happening. Sorry but it looks suspicious to me. If there was this fear of cops stopping you, why didn't she vid record the whole thing as soon as they were stopped?

Look, I understand the distrust of cops. They can be bullies with badges and as a true crime reader I know of a few cases where the cops were far worse criminals than the non cop bad guys. But what the hell do you expect from law enforcement when they get the message that black people want to kill them given the chance? When they are shown and told its a war against them? When the perps, including drug sellers, have assault weapons and will shoot on sight?

I am getting sick of this “ blame white people” crap as well. As a person whose ancestors where not only poor, they never owned a slave, black or otherwise, this knee jerk reaction of blaming whites for their crappy lives is no longer credible. Yes oppression did happen in the past, particularly in the segregated South. But there comes a time when this childish “ you owe us” is nothing more than avoiding responsibility for your own poor choices and actions. If racial and religious groups want to play victim, that does not advance the human species one damn bit. If I wanted to I could blame Italy for the oppression of my Celtic ancestors. I don't because its stupid.

If being murdered by a cop is wrong then BLM should also show up when non blacks were killed by cops. Then they add themselves to special victim status in their responses to hashtag All Lives Matter. Talk about hypocrisy!

So responding to bloodshed of black males by cops is-- calling for bloodshed of white people? Ever hear two wrongs don't make a right? Not to mention by rioting and intentional murdering people you are doing exactly the stereotypes you supposedly are against. IOW you being racists yourselves.

How sad it is for black Americans to behave this way when one of their well deserved heroes Dr. Martin Luther King advocated civil resistance and peaceful reform, not angry confrontation or destruction.

Jun. 21st, 2016

bob larson

Bob Larson at the "cross" roads

Part 2 of his boring CC on the cross:


Monday, June 20, 2016

Most Protestants have never stepped inside a Catholic church, except, perhaps, as a tourist meandering through some ancient European cathedral. Or they gazed in awe at St. Peters in the Vatican, when in Rome. Few Catholics have stopped to consider what is a unique requirement of all Catholic churches. To celebrate the mass, the official Roman Rite requires that a crucifix be situated on or close to the altar to remind the celebrants of the Eucharist that Christ has been crucified for sin. This blog isn't purposed to argue for Catholic teachings or practices but rather to point out how central the cross is to the history of Christian worship. Not so in many "progressive" evangelical megachurches today. (It is imperative, before going further, that the reader read Part 1 of this series "What Happened to the Cross," published last week. (( link deleted by me))  to read.)

In fact, most evangelical Christians don't have a clue about the difference between a "cross" and a "crucifix." (The latter has a three-dimensional image of Christ affixed, rather than a bare cross.) Having traveled extensively in Russian and Eastern Europe, I've noted that their crosses have an additional third crossbar to which the feet are nailed, angled upward toward the penitent thief and downward toward the thief who would not repent. The rich history of the cross/crucifix establishes it as an essential part of Christian identity. Then why is it that many evangelical churches are out to prove that they are really "with it" and thus kick out the cross? Of what are they embarrassed? What are they trying to prove, other than a distaste for 2,000 years of Christian tradition?

True, a cross doesn't make a church. A body of believers, two or more (Matthew 18:20), constitutes a "church" in the spiritual sense. But let's not forget, Satan hates the cross. In our seminars, many people donate to our ministry to receive an exact replica of my own Cross of Deliverance. I pray over each cross, to dedicate and consecrate it as an emblem of faith and an instrument of torment to demons.

Watch the exorcisms on our YouTube channel, as nearly 8 million people have. You'll see many instances when demons manifest just by the demonized person being touched with my cross. You'll see demons dodge the cross, fearing the mere sight of it. Why? Demons can't see my faith. That is an invisible component of my beliefs. But they can see the visible extension of my faith, the physical tangibility of where I place my hope and trust, the cross on which Christ died. If Satan so fears the cross, could it be that some churches remove it lest they have to deal with the existential reality of demons and the devil? I pray that is not so, though I fear that, implicitly, it is. Interestingly, you'll never see a cross in a Mormon church. 'Nough said.
. . .


Bad grammar, awkward wording and other crap left as is.

At least  the old faker knows the difference between a crucifix and a cross. Though his "cross of deliverance" still looks shitty.

As usual for him there is some dishonesty here.


"Watch the exorcisms on our YouTube channel, as nearly 8 million people have. You'll see many instances when demons manifest just by the demonized person being touched with my cross. You'll see demons dodge the cross, fearing the mere sight of it"


 As regular users of YouTube know, the view count he is claining is NOT the same as individual people count. What Larson as usual in his ego feeding leaves out is that YouTube counts every partial look as a view or every time the vid link is loading up. And as I would not dout he requires his "school of exorcism" students to watch his vids, he inflates the count up.

 This is the same dishonesty about views that some attention hungry and dishonest YouTube users try to claim to give themselves credibility. What Larson is doing in his count is nothing more than adding alll the views of every one of his vids, to give the false impression that millions of people are seeing each vid.

 Note his emphasis on displaying his chosen cross prop. I suspect he knows as well as I do that it is the PERSON"S reaction, not an alleged " supernatural" being, that is supposedly reacting to his prop. What he also " forgets" to mention is what he does in his " conferfences" before the vids are being recorded. In short, he coaches his victims to act as if they have demons.

 I should mention one more thing about the people on his vids acting as if they have demons. Recently I looked at one of his vids and noticed a male whose face looked familiar to me. I wish I had a good facial recognition or comparison software because this guy had what was remarkable to me a close resemblance to an actor who was one of the minor actors on an episode of a certain TV series that is now on DVD.

 Way back when he started his " exorcism" hype and when some members of the Bob Larson Fan Club did their leaflet protests at his appearances, there were accusatons of him in effect supplying people acting possessed in his various appearances.  Non BLFC people online have reported certain behavior on Larson's part in the beginning that were highly questionable as to his intent with his audience.

 One of my theories is that its not a coincidence that he holds his "conferences" in the same cities he has his DWJD teams.  I suspect that he gets his lackeys to lure troubled people, hype them up to think they have demons and that Larson is there to help them just so when he arrives he has a supply of victims to exploit.  Seems he can spot an attendee at these " open" conferences who is not there because of his lackeys, and he tries to provoke them to leave, if two accounts I've recieved are accurate.

 Oh, and one more thing, this one looks like an intended Tweet he posted on his Facebook page:



A first for me. An iphone exorcism live in a shopping mall. Wait 'till you hear. Details to follow.


In his "skype"  "exorcisms" yes he and anyone else can use smart phones and tablets with a Skype app. This is not a surprise that Skype is now a multi device prog. But Larson, as usual for him, has to say he uses an Iphone. Status symbol ego thing.

 For a guy who supposedly does these serious " exorcisms" battling for the body and soul of his " clients", somehow doing this while in a shopping mall seems crass and inappropriate.

 Oh wait, that IS Bob Larson......

Jun. 18th, 2016

bob larson

Bob Larson, cross worshipper

REady for his bullshit?



Thursday, June 16, 2016

Over the past several weeks, I've made it a point to check out what's going on in the evangelical Christian world by visiting various thriving churches. None of these congregations is one I'd want to be part of, but I was curious to see what was making them so apparently successful, at least numerically. From Phoenix to New York, and places in between. I slipped quietly into the audience and watched. Most of them had several things in common: reasonably professional-sounding praise bands which were obviously a major main draw; sophisticated settings with smiling greeters who had Dale Carnegie-style aplomb; interior design that was eye-catching and hip; casually dressed pastors whose wardrobes and mannerisms shouted "casual" and "cool." But there was something I observed that hardly anyone else seemed to notice. It wasn't what all these churches did, but what they didn't do that chagrined me. It wasn't what they had, but what they didn't have that bothered me. It was glaringly obvious, to me, but presumably not to the oblivious, marketed masses.

I wanted to jump up in the middle of their services and shout from the top of my lungs "Where is the cross?" Go ahead, check out the Christian channels showcasing the most successful megachurches churches on TV. Church-hop a couple of Sundays. You'll observe what I did. In most of them, not a cross anywhere. Not outside. Not on a steeple (there are very few of those any more). Not on the platform. Not somewhere behind the pulpit. Zilch. Nada. No cross. I have come to realize that this is no happenstance oversight. It is deliberate. With all the care taken to be certain that the stage design is worthy of a Broadway show with modernistic emblems and colorful lights, to augment the flashing video presentations that constantly punctuate the meetings with slick editing, no one bothers to include a cross anywhere. The conclusion? Not oversight. Intentional.

Paul told the Corinthians that the cross is the emblem of God's power (1 Corinthians 1:18). So why had it been expunged from the churches I attended? I could only conclude that these purveyors of congregational cool didn't want the environment to look too religious, lest some might be offended and not come back. After all, isn't it all about being friendly to the seeker? No sense offending them with some ancient, formal symbol of Christianity. Don't remind them of what's uncool and traditional.

I now understand why some people think it so unusual that, in my seminars, I provoke demons with a cross in hand. And why some criticize me for doing it. It's something believers seldom see anymore. The Christian public is losing its theological and philosophical grasp of the cross as the preeminent symbol of our faith. This one emblem has been Christianity's universal image of the gospel for two millennia. You may think I'm over-reacting, but consider what I say against the backdrop of what churches have looked like for centuries. Some friendly advice. If you don't see a cross somewhere in your church, think twice about coming back next Sunday. The absence of the cross speaks volumes about the implicit mindset of the church and pastor. And if you think I sound too bold or judgmental, wait until you read what I say in Part 2 of this blog next week.

This is part one of a series. Next week, Part 2.
OF THIS EMBLEM OF OUR FAITH. TO ENROLL, (( link deleted by me)) OR CALL NOW ((number deleted by me))
In our world of looking out for #1, and politics of division and disrepute, the words of Paul to Timothy are a contrast: "Godliness with contentment is great gain" (1 Timothy 6:6). Many seek contentment in the "mindfulness" of Eastern meditation. They pursue peace in drugs and lust. They hope for calm minds and bodies with yoga. But Paul says that the way to true contentment is by living a godly life. Such a pursuit is not only fulfilling, but it is "great gain" in every way, relationally and spiritually.


 If you read between the lines in this,he's visiting some megachurches, possibly for hints on how to make his personality cult into a megachurch.

 This isssue of the cross or curicifix in church is something for individual church members to decide for themselves.  I can honestly see valid reasons for not having either displayed in what should be sacred areas.

 However, and Larson as usual doesn't boither to make note, the megachurches are from what I understand not about actual growing in the faith as they are providing " preferred" entertainment for the Christians. You know like Christain theme parks and so forth so they can avoid the secular world.

 From what I've been hearing, the number of professing Christians has fallen dramatically in the past decade and churches, both big and small, are struggling to keep followers.  This supposedly " Christian" culture is now turinng into an openly secular nation.

 It's nice to know people are refusing to bow to a vengeful abusive deity who threatens hell and eternal suffering for simply saying no  to the tyrant.

 As for this "blog" entry of his, all I can say is that he's distorting Christian symbolism to focus on only one symbol. In fact there are a few symbols representing the Christian faith, including praying hands, the Greek fish symbol and the flying dove. There are, OC , other symbols depending on the Christian sect.

 And, no suprise, Larson " forgot:" to mention there are some Christian sects that have for decades, if not centuries, NOT dsiplayed the cross or the crucifix. For some, even putting the cross in ther churches is akin to idolatry-- wiorshipping a symbol.

 Ironic that he mentions the importance of the cross symbol. Way back when Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee did the original Wicker Man movie ( don't mention the crappy Cage remake to me, That was misogynistic shit), there ewas a scene at the old church in ruins where Woodward's really uptight pious Christian character angrily shoves off the stone altar thefruits, vegetables and flowers left as offerings while a woman nursing a baby and holding an egg watches him. He breaks off two dead pieces of wood from a crate, splits one mostly in half and makes a crude cross. He gently, reverently puts his dead sticks on the altar. His character clearly didn't comprehend the dichonomy of the scene of him basically revereing death while life is right there in front of him.

Let me be blunt here. Christianity, like any other religion, can be a good or a bad thing. Christians cn be loving, compassionate and so forth. But they can, as in my previous entry, be mean bloodthristy, evil bastards. When they focus on seeing signs of the "end times" and Armageddon and the blood of their alleged savior covering whatever, they are a death and doomsday cult IMO.

 Imagine someone who is from another planet or who has never been exposed to anything Christian. What do you think they see when they go to a Christian church and right there by the altar where its supposedly sacred space they see a depiction of a bloody man in agony hanging on the crossbar of a T? WIth his face clearly showing his pain? That person, if he or she is compassionate, would recoil  in shock and think these people are sadists.

 Then again Larson himself has yet to be held accountable by any church  or submit to any church other than his own personality cult.


Oakland massacre at Pulse night club: Its been almost a week as I am typing this, and I still have a problem beleiving not only that it happened but also the responses of certain " Christians" about it. As I know so far, two Baptist preachers and Pat Roberston have been made public cheering on and condoning the murder of LGBT people.

 Bear in mind part of the " Christian" shit in the past few years are against gay marriage, against LGBT rights and some dumbass fuss over transgender people using public restrooms. So it shouldn't be a shock that after the Oakland massacre a few dumbass intolerant Christians would say " lets kill more of them". A religion of peace and love, my ass.

 The two Baptist jerks because of their tasteless responses had their vids taken down on Youtube-- and rightly so.

 Roger Jimenez and  Kevin Swanson.




"“I wish the government would round them all up, put them up against a firing wall, put a firing squad in front of them, and blow their brains out,” he said, according to clips shared by KOVR, the CBS station in Sacramento."


 While I am no big fan of Rachel Maddow, she did do a good job in reporting the GOP " Kille the gays" rally.


 Lets be honest here. The Oakland massacre, while may be blamed on the murderer's conflict over his alleged gay identity versus his form of Islam, or any number of factors, including this guy was just plain an angry, abusive POS,  is to me an expression, so to speak of the consequences of this "kill the gays" crap of the far right.

 This time some Christians are speaking out against their own brethrin. They should have started speaking out months, even years before now. I still remember that frigging minister on vid saying if he had a son with a " limp wrist" he'd beat the gay out of him-- and his congregation cheered him on.

 The gay hate is the Christian monster they allowed to grow.

Politics: Screw that.  GOP is tryiung to see if they can bump Trump out of their party, I wouldn't trust Hillarly Clintion with babysitting a goldfish and both Clintion and Bernie supporters are acting like assholes to one another. Here's hoping criminal charges can be brought against Trump before November.

Preacher: TV series on AMC based on the comic book series. Not bad but too slow for me. Follows the series somewhat so far but limits Preacher to one town.

 While some Christionuts complained abot the series Lucifer, I haven't seen any of them get all upset over this series, which if you know the cannon, is a bit worse than Lucifer.  Guess their " family values" leaders haven't told them what to do yet.

The adult coloring books: Right now this is a fad. The claim is an adult buys the coloring book and by coloring in the intricate designs it helps relax them and is a sort of peaceful meditation.  Lots of designs, like animals, mandalas and OC Christian themes.

 Who's kiddimg whom here? They are overpriced black and white illustration books and the color sets are not cheap either. Even crayons are now a bit steep. Sure it can be relaxing, depending upon the person. It can also be further isolating oneself from other people. Its bad enough people look into small devices most ofthe time rather than around them or at each other. Now they have coloring books to remind them of what they did as children, but supposedly can do better as adults. Unless, OC you are artistically disabled......

Jun. 10th, 2016

bob larson

Bob Larson shows clues as to who he prefers to prey upon

No the old exploiter did not actually say that but its one motive behind his recent " constant contact" "blog" entry.

Ready? Here comes this week's load of crap:


Thursday , June 9, 2016

The below is adapted from my latest book, DEALING WITH DEMONS. Chapter two.

I sometimes describe my approach to deliverance as the Joe Friday method. Remember the old "Dragnet" TV series, and detective Friday's droll rejoinder, "Just the facts, Ma'am." Often it's the most basic facts about an individual's personal history that give clues to demonic intrusion into their lives. Consider the crucial role that elementary information plays in determining what the devil has done and knowing how to crack the code to Satan's machinations. Just the facts. For example, it's important to know ten things when dealing with demons: (1) age, (2) residency location, (3) occupation, (4) education, (5) marital status, (6) extended family, (7) ethnicity, (8) cultural identity, (9) religious history, and (10) current religious affiliation.

On the surface this list seems very basic and not too insightful. But there is more to be learned than the reader might suppose. These ten things alone could be sufficient to reasonably determine the extent to which Satan is operating in one's life. Those who have attended my seminars or watched our YouTube Exorcism Channel know that some form of these ten bits of information introduce almost every exorcism in which I engage. Knowing these basics gives a thumbnail sketch, a snapshot of who the person is and what constitutes their self-perception and their place in the world. Agreed, these designations are broad brushstrokes of analysis, by nature categorical. Even so, such generalizations have often proven to be good indicators as to how to proceed with ministry. They provide a good place to start.

For example, consider the first on my list, age. Younger individuals will likely be less serious about life and the consequences of evil. Convincing them to stop a particular behavior in order to be free from Satan many not seem as urgent as it will with someone older. Younger people have a lighter grasp on the spiritual issues of repentance and correction where eternity is concerned. They are also more easily distracted by the things of this world and all its temptations. The older individual may also be harder to persuade, but for a different reason: Demolishing spiritual strongholds (see 2 Corinthians 10:3-5) gets harder the older the person is. Older people are more set in their ways and perhaps unwilling to alter the habits which the demons are manipulating. The older one gets, in my counseling experience, the more entrenched the demons are.

An encouraging word: DISCERN THE TIMES
Jesus said of the hypocrites of His day, "You cannot discern the signs of the times" (Matthew 16:3). Not much has changed. From my perspective, there has been more moral deterioration in the last half-dozen years then I've seen in my entire lifetime. Many Christians agree with me. And yet, the drumbeat of culture seems to be marching millions in the direction of corruption and decay. They don't discern the times because they don't know what the Bible says about right and wrong. Don't let that happen to you. Only by staying true to God's Holy Word can any one of us discern what choices to make in life, and how to discern good from evil.


Hawking his current vanity press published book noted.

BTW I omitted a lot of his CC content, which is nothing more than self=publicity and hyping his " skype exorcisms" and upcoming " conferences". Boring crap.

And, judging by this entry, "his" current book might be as bad as his last three books.

Note the words "he" chose to use here. They sound academic, something a behavorial student would write, not his usual plain language. The wording is stiff, more like a college essay used to fill words on a page without actually saying much. Its pretty boring, actually but his "encouraging word" this time is worth a comment or two.

From my perspective, there has been more moral deterioration in the last half-dozen years then I've seen in my entire lifetime. Many Christians agree with me. And yet, the drumbeat of culture seems to be marching millions in the direction of corruption and decay.


This is an old bromide theme evangelicals and fundamentalists have been churning out for at least a century or more. Current ills are always portrayed as hideous compared to past problems. That is, unless you actually know history. And as part of their doomsday cult " end times prophecies" fantasies, in each decade they warn about their " current" decadence and decay. Salem Kirban in the 70s was pretty bad at that, and the notoriously bad Jack Chick tracks turned grotesque bigotry into an art form.


They don't discern the times because they don't know what the Bible says about right and wrong. Don't let that happen to you. Only by staying true to God's Holy Word can any one of us discern what choices to make in life, and how to discern good from evil.

Considering McExoricst's own questionable ethical and moral choices over the years, that passage is both ironic and hypocritical of him. Also, at least two Christians online have " discerned" HIM to be " evil". As for right and wrong, aside from the fact that the Bible condones slavery, rape and genocide, which we all know now to be wrong, I find it amusing that Larson mentions right and wrong when he rarely does what is right and often does what suits himself. Somehow I cannot believe a person who has lied about his accomplishments, wears a priests collar when his " degree" came from a mail order diploma mill and who made everyone in Bob Larson Ministries sign confidentiality agreements ( including the husband of one female employee on their wedding day, a guy who never worked for him) as if he was hiding something would actually know what right and wrong are in the first place, much less choose the honorable option.

May. 30th, 2016

bob larson

Bob Larson self righteous dissing of dead musicians

This is something McExorcist Bob Larson has done before. Dissing famous dead people.



Monday, May 30, 2016

A week ago, the former drummer for metal band Megadeth, Nick Menza, died at age 51, collapsing on stage on the third song of a set. A month ago, pop music superstar Prince was found dead at 57, from an apparent drug overdose. Earlier this year David Bowie died at 69 and Glenn Frey died at 67. There are few pop/rock artists that make it to their 70s. Most don't survive until their 60s. Or their 50s. Okay, so Mick Jagger is 72, but who wants to look like that at any age? Generally speaking, a life in entertainment, at least rock 'n' roll, is somewhat short-lived. Drugs, STDs, fast living, and sin in copious quantities takes a toll.

As for me, I've outlived all of the above. I'm not bragging, just observing that it pays to serve God. Being a Christian won't automatically guarantee a long life, but it gives a good running start. One still has to eat wisely, exercise frequently, maintain sound mental health, and treat the temple of one's body with respect. But minus all the booze, cigarettes, pills, weed, and God knows what else rock stars consume, Christians usually live better and longer.

Deuteronomy 6:2 tells us that keeping the Lord's commandments leads to "long life." The psalmist said that those who call upon the Lord would receive the "honor" of a long life (Psalm 91:15). Proverbs says that a long life is at the right hand of Wisdom (Proverbs 3:16). Ephesians 6:1-3 admonishes that obeying and honoring one's parents is the "first commandment with promise," and that such showing of respect is another way to "live long on the earth." I don't know about the personal lives of Menza, Prince, and Bowie, but judging by the messages in their music, I can't imagine that respect for their earthly parents or their heavenly father was high on the agenda. "Live fast and die young," goes the old adage. Without eternity in mind, it might sound good when you're in your 20s and 30s. But Hebrews 9:27 lurks in the wings of life's stage as a reminder: You live once and then face the judgment of God.


Ironic that when Larson "wrote" his anti rock books he frequently mentioned rockers who died young. Now its dying middle aged to older while he claims to be at 72 in excellent health.

Bear in mind Larson is a failed rock musician so no doubt at least some of this is his being spiteful about their fame. As for Christians supposedly living longer,etc., guess Larson " forgets" to mention that Christians, like any other human, die both young and old. As usual for Larson he doesn't mention that in recent years his health was not as good as he's pretending. He had two knee surgeries, a replacement knee, a heart attack, a supposed blood condition that nearly killed him and intestinal abscesses/ part of a necrotic intestine ( depending on which version of that you read) and the last of his hair plugs fell out some years back.

Basically this is one of his diss the famous pieces he churns out when he has nothing else to say or if a particular celebrity that died might be of use to him selling his current crap, like his claims about Robin Williams after he died.

Mister failed at everything over the decades has to deal with the reality that after HE bites the big one that no matter how much he's tried, his name is still not widely recognized. Sure he can get followers dumb enough to fall for his current exploitation, but his publisher is not a major Christian press but a vanity press, he still has to hustle for hours in his " conferences" to separate the attendees from their money and valuable property and what little national publicity he can get does not give him credibility. This self-proclaimed " world's foremost authority" on cults, the occult and the paranormal can't even get on Coast To Coast AM even when the show has topics on demons and related subjects he claims to be an authority on. No book in the last ten years lists his books as references.

He has his height of fame during his BLM Talk-Back radio show years. Then certain not so nice rumors and allegations about him started coming to light and he fell. His show spiraled down from an alleged 200 stations every weekday to him not being aired in his own town of Denver Colorado.

And in the end I think even he knows ten years after he's dead no one will remember who he was. Both his current businesses probably won't last five years because the sell is Larson, not actual religion or spirituality.

One really shouldn't take spiteful pride in others being dead while one is alive. Because death comes for us all.

May. 22nd, 2016

bob larson

Bob Larson

I realize that I haven't been posting much detail here lately about my favorite exploitive little con artist McExorcist Bob Larson. Part of this is quite frankly after his Skype exorcism publicity stunt, the old posturing pissant Larson hasn't really posted anything on his web site or actually done anything worth commenting on.

Yup, he got boring and predictable.

Case in point, his recent Constant Contact /blog" entry:


Allow me to copy and paste this self promotion filled adult diaper for you.


Thursday , May 16, 2016

The guy above looks like an expert. He's got the lab coat, the Einsteinian hair, and he's teaching at a chalkboard. Is he? He's actually an actor portraying an expert. Beware so-called experts. The dictionary says that an expert is a person with "special skill or knowledge in some particular field, a specialist; an authority." Which brings me to an article I read this past week by a nationally-known, well-respected Christian pastor. I know this man personally. He's a good man and has done great things for the Lord, in his areas of gifting. But for some reason he decided to weigh in on the topic of spiritual warfare and demons.

Much of what he said was excellent, and I agreed with 90% of what he said. But that 10% or so veered into an area in which he is not an expert. This successful pastor declared, "In 25 years of ministry I have only encountered five people who needed some kind of exorcism." He went on to say that any casting out of demons should always be done in a "private setting." So much for our nearly 8 million YouTube viewers who have been exposed to the gospel and power of Christ in scores of nations worldwide.

I have high regard for this man of God and thank the Lord for all the great places that his spiritual gifts have taken him. But I encounter more than 5 cases of exorcism on an average day, and 40,000 catalogued cases going back nearly 40 years, many hundreds of them documented on video, captured live and in action. Surely he can't dismiss all of that summarily with his "expertise." Christians in places of responsible leadership need to be cautious about using their spiritual gifts in those areas where they are NOT an expert. This pastor in question (and he's not alone in this regard) has been used of the Lord to build thriving churches where thousands attend, something I haven't been called to do. I don't tell him how to grow a local congregation. He's the expert at that. I wish that he, and others like him, would back off a little from offering their "expert" advice in areas about which they have little, if any, experience. Leave the credibility and necessity of deliverance and exorcism to those of us who are God-called experts, by Spirit-led experience and the grace of our common Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Enroll in our International School of Exorcism®,
CLICK HERE or call 303-980-1511.

An encouraging word: HE IS COMING
"Behold, He is coming!" That opening statement of Revelation 1:7 sums up what we need to know about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. There is much speculation among well-meaning Christians about when and how that will happen. Some have divided into so-called Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, and Post-Trib factions, depending on when they believe the rapture will take place. Some say it will be before the Millennium and some after. But whichever group you are part of theologically, one thing is certain. He is coming! In the words of the Nicene Creed "He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and His kingdom will have no end." Amen.


Okay, now that we have that nonsense posted, here is my response.

As usual for Larson, when he is dissing or commenting on a particular web page reference, he "coincidentally" neglects to add the link to the web site.

Here is the web page he " forgot" to specify.


Charisma News is a Christian magazine of the Pentecostal/ Charismatic sect, an area of Christianity Larson currently is exploiting for fame and profit.

Frankly I think McExorcist was upset that the magazine didn't interview him for the story. Larson was a few weeks earlier all happy that a Washington newspaper " reporter" interviewed him regarding one Presidential candidate calling another evil or a devil. It wouldn't surprise me that after Bobbie was on his ego high, he started Googling anything on exorcism published recently and found this article. Too bad his name doesn't come up in the Google news feeds any more ( hee hee).

Or, should I say, opinion piece, as the web link clearly marks it that way.

If you read the column and ignore for the moment the Christian " spiritual warfare" bullshit, the reason why Larson reacted negatively to this web page should be fairly obvious. The author of this, Jentenzen Franklin, in a roundabout way, cautions against the type of so- called "exorcism" Larson uses.

Note what Larson decides to quote. The guy's claim of being in exorcism for 25 years.

And OC he titles his response as a " warning" against " exorcism experts". Irony noted.

Sometimes he makes it way too easy for me to criticize his crap.I honestly don't think I need to say much on this one because the errors and his motives are pretty obvious.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that all this time when he started his " real exorcist" exploitation her's been (ahem) " borrowing" his material from other " deliverance" ministry sources.

For example, he popped in the Jezebel spirit crap only a few years ago. When he was doing his " live on the air" "exorcisms" of callers on his radio show, I never heard him mention Jezebel spirit.

"His" current book, printed by the only Christian press that will still deal with him ( and they are a vanity press) is called " Dealing With Demons", a different book that he claimed he was writing earlier this year about his version of the prosperity gospel. So I don't think his criticism of this opinion column was a coincidence. Maybe a little damage control if his followers realize his current book claiming to, among other things, interrogate demons, might be, oh I dunno, false unbiblical teachings. Might hurt his sales to his suckers.

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