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Oct. 31st, 2014

bob larson

Bob Larson Halloween 2014 "message"'-- dumb, as usual

 You know, I actually feel sorry for McExorcist Bob Larson.  Here it is, Halloween, and he comes up with this:


Today's the day. Tonight's the night, when all things ghostly and ghoulish come out in the form of a cultural obsession with death. Otherwise normal people will deliberately try to look like a skeleton or some fiend from the grave. But for some, Halloween is all year long. They search art houses and the internet to find actual artifacts of death--skulls, mummified human heads, bones, skeletons and the like. Human remains are not confined to cemeteries and morgues. There is a big market for those fascinated with shrunken heads and other oddities, found at antique fairs and exotic markets. You can get an actual human skull on eBay for a couple of hundred dollars; an infant's skeletal remains for a little more than $1000. When buying, you may be best to use a code word such as "natural material" rather than human bones, which some are skittish to sell. I came across this macabre market in a newspaper article and filed it away to discuss on today's day of the devil, Halloween.

It's a sick fascination, of course, but worse yet it can be an invitation to demons. Satanist love to keep around the remains of human bones, mostly to freak-out people. The devil has other ideas. This allurement of human remains which attracts demonic forces can be extended to cremated remains. (See my book CURSE BREAKING for a detailed analysis of the dangers of cremation. To order( link deleted by me.) If you know someone who has this kind of morbid curiosity, warn them to back off. The skull on their mantle, or the facsimile on their T-shirt, may be an open door to demons.


 Really Bob? This is the best you can do?

 There are so many ways I could dissect this turd,   Errors like " allurement of human remains" and stupid claims like a " facsimile" of a skull on a T-shirt is an " open door" to demons are eye-wincingly bad. Even worse, the hypocrite illustrates this Constant Contact " log" entry with --you guessed it--- images of a shrunken head, a hanging skeleton from some computer game and a photo of a nicely intact male human skull. So if his claim is right, then viewing  his message invites demons in.

 For some reason Larson has a phobia about human remains , whether of bones or cremated ( sorry, he spells it " creamation"). Maybe because he knows hes old and death might come to him at any time.

 I really don't have much to say about this turd, just disappointment that Larson once again flubbed an opportunity to exploit Halloween with something actually  interesting to say or attack. And yet the old hack comes up with his boring garbage.

 Sheesh. He'd be better off rehashing his old dog and cat Halloween costumes " blog."

In fact there are legitimate reasons for the interest in human skeletons and " shrunken heads" and mummies and the like. And no they aren't Satanic.

 Just guessing here, but I wonder if Larson's little whine about human skeletons has something to with the fact that he's old now.

 This is old hat for me ( pardon the pun) but even I know that Halloween is about, among other things, facing one's mortality. Which OC includes frights and chills and death ( in this subject, the skeletons of humans who have, OC died,).

 Even so, this is pathetic, even for McExorcist.

Oct. 27th, 2014

bob larson

Selah Ally Tower

 This alleged former Wiccan turned Christian wrote five articles as I post this for the Christian Post online as guest commentator, Can you guess what they are about?

Fair warning here. Whomever designed those web pages included annoying vids not remotely associated with Tower's commentaries that hog up bandwith and you'd have to search the damn things out to put them on pause.
CK Xray grin


 In case you're wondering, one of my many quirks is that as a researcher I am almost instatiably curious about many subjects. Way back before the internet was taken for granted, even before the public even knew what the internet was, I would go every week to the library or bookstore and browse for hours. I'd actually " zone out" at times, losing track of time and pissing off my mother when I was still a teenager.

 For me, card catalogs and indexes atthe back of books were invaluable tools. Never mind that some book indexes are horribly inept or incomplete, if it listed something I was interested in, I'd immediately look it up.

 Now that we have the internet, there is the ever present Google search. Even better, in some web site syo can search within that web site for a subject. Needless to say with a computer and online access I'm one happy camper. And sometimes the results within a web site are interesting.

 Case in point: my previous entry on "grave sucking" led me to the Blogos web site, which has a nice little search engine. Type in Halloween, got 10 hits. Wicca got 4. And vampire got 6.

 Sometimes what  I find is worth reading, sometimes its the same old crap. But the fun is in the search
CK Xray grin

"Grave sucking"-- an ultra charismatic CHRISTIAN practice

 Thanks goes to S. A. Tower for mentioning this in her second book. I was curious as to what she meant by " grave sucking" so I decided to look it up.

 Hoo boy.....

 Basically the claim is that one can take on the " spiritual anointing" of a dead Christian believer by standing or even lying down on their grave.


 This is supposedly a charismatic " craze" right now. That's the right word for it. I'm not a Christian and never was, and even I know that this practice is frigging stupid and irrational.

 According to Charismatic / Pentecostal theology, the " gifts of the Holy Spirit" are given by God through the Holy Ghost while the believer is alive.  Assuming the theology is consistent, once the person is dead, the " gifts" presumably return to God, since they are, well, " on loan".  It doesn't make sense that the Biblegod would let such " gifts" be stored in graves with the human remains when " spiritual warfare" is still active and there are " demons" to fight.

 When a soldier falls in the battlefield, their weapons and ammo are passed on to another to continue the battle.

 Then again we are talling about Charismatics and Pentecostals, who are pretty much nuts and bizarre as it is.

 Yep folks, just in time for Halloween! If you see a group of people or one person in a graveyard lying down on top of graves, it isn't some self described Satanists or Goths. Its Christian charismatics practicing "grave sucking".

 Apparently they suck at basic Christian theology as well.

 (( Shakes head)) And we Pagans are supposed to be weird....

From the Craft to Christ-- part one of my review

This is my comments about the first part of Tower's book.

I'm embarrassed for S. A Tower and her ex-”witch” friends, the stories of which she included in her second book.

A little background here about me. I've been a Pagan/Wiccan for over three decades and during that time I have read and heard a number of Christian anti-Pagan claims, ranging from the pathetic Jack Chick tract nonsense and the crap straight out of “ The Two Babylons” to the books that show the author knows the basics but chooses to “ interpret” based on the Bible ( which is a nice way of saying they twist and distort the facts to suit their preconceived, prejudiced views).

I've read books by alleged former “ satanists” and “ witches” who were outright liars. I've read Christian books and visited web sites that claimed Halloween is a “ satanic” holiday. I'd guess it would be accurate to say that when it comes to Christian books about Wicca, the Goddess and Paganism, I've read almost all of them.

And I can honestly say that while some of these Christian books in the past few years have come close to being honest and unbiased, none of them have yet to actually be fair, accurate and unbiased.

Including this one. Though Tower does come close at times, she screws it up with what I would call “ flashing red neon warning signs” of, as she might call it “ stumbling blocks” to conversion.

Now I realize that Tower intended this book to reach her fellow Christians to give them “ ammo” to “ witness” to Pagans by showing some allegedly ex-witches “ testimonies”. As I was reading this ebook, at times it was almost painful for me to continue due to my embarrassment for Tower and her friends. I fully intended to be fair to her as I read it but as I encountered twistings of facts, references to bad sources and absurd claims, I almost gave in to my annoyance and anger. The ignorance at times was appalling from supposed long term “ witches”.

When Tower described the beauty of nature as her gods creation, not the Goddess, I almost chucked, because her description sounded a LOT like what a fluffy bunny would say. The term “ fluffy bunny” is a derisive term for the new Pagan or Wiccan who pretty much yammers on about how beYOOOtiful nature is, runs around in a Tinkerbell costume, complete with wings and a glitter fairy wand, and pretty much acts like Jethro Modine on ecstacy. IOW a frigging idiot.


“ La de la la la! How wonderful nature is! Look at the blue sky, the flowers, butterflies, the green grass!” ( Grabs a leafy vine and spreads the leaves all over he face) “ Oh isn't it WONDERful?”

“ Robert, get the calamine lotion. Tinkerblather just rubbed her face with poison ivy.”


Yes a sunset can be beautiful. And yes each season has its form of beauty-- except in certain parts of the world where it involves harsh conditions. The natural world can be an awe inspiring wonder, including some awesome full moons rising from the eastern horizon. But nature is not nicey nicey. Just watch the National Geographic Channel for awhile. Even the lion, the king of the pride, can be outright murdered by the younger male lions, torn apart alive.

And if you are some natural creature's meal, naturally ( pardon the pun) you'd have a very different view of nature. A rabbit may be cute and fluffy, but I rather doubt it likes being someone's meal. You can be friendly to a crocodile all you want, all the croc sees in you is lunch.

I'm assuming Tower is not a country dweller. If she was, and if she was dependent upon her crops and food animals to help her and her family survive winter, she would understand how harsh and cruel nature can be, that at times its kill or die. That cute grayish doggie in the woods turns out to be a wolf, not a shepherd. That nice adult Bambi with the soulful black eyes has to die to feed you and your family for the winter. Hopefully you are a good enough hunter the deer dies so quickly it doesn't even feel pain.

When she says Mike reveals that other religions have their roots in Babylon, I sighed and said, “ Oh no not that “ The Two Babylons” crap book again.”

There is a web site I recommend regarding Christians who think of becoming Wiccans.

Erin Dragonsong in this and her sequel entry shows a number of reasonable, credible arguments in defense of Wicca, stated in such a way as to not sound anti-Christian.

In fact, she does argue that if Jesus was alive today, he'd shudder at most of Christianity and on looking at Wicca, he'd say that was more of what he was trying to teach.

A side note: I also found online some web sites of people claiming to be former “witches” turned ( OC) Christian ( none of whom as far as I can tell were mentioned in her book) that I am sure Tower would be embarrassed to read as well. I realize that she selected the ones with a more credible claim of being former “ witches,” Wiccans and Pagans precisely because she's met the bragging phonies.

Unfortunately for Tower and her friends, they've relied upon one huge stumbling block in that they use the Bible and the doctrines and dogmas of Christianity to put down Paganism, The Lord and Lady, and the other elements of the Craft. A technique that I've seen way too many times before that is flawed from the get go. Sorry folks, but for a mature Pagan like me, we know history. And while a Christian might claim that the Bible is the “ word of god”, historical fact shows that what is now known as the “ holy bible' is an edited book. The emperor Constantine and he various councils decided which sacred texts were allowed in the Bible. And apparently a number of sacred scrolls were left out. Worse still, those Christian sects who kept to their specific holy scrolls were eventually targeted by the Church and exterminated ( IOW murdered and their texts destroyed). So what was eventually presented to Christians was not in fact all the sacred Christian texts. IOW their “ god's word” had been altered and edited-- to fit the aims of the ruling church bullies.

I've read the Bible, OC. And like Thomas Paine, I came to the conclusion that the Bible is more the work of an evil being than of the Deity. So for someone like Tower and her allies to “ stand firm” on the Bible is to me serving their Satan more than they realize. One of the things I noticed was that Tower referred to “ the enemy” or “the adversary.” As I reported in an earlier blog entry these were references to the Christian devil. This isn't Hogwarts where everyone fears naming “ he who shall not be named”. And yet such euphemisms strike me as if Tower is afraid if she even types out “ Satan,” The Devil” or similar it might be some sort of invitation for him.

Sheesh. More likely its her attempt to actually say outright the usual crap Pagans have seen before, that our deities are demons, that we're blissfully on the path to hell etc. The same old Christian lies, retold in a gentler way. But the same damn lies nevertheless.

“ Mike furthers our insight into the worship of their gods. “ The worship of various gods and goddesses goes back to the days of Noah, when after the flood, his son's descendants repopulation of the earth, One of his great grandsons, Nimrod, established an empire in the place known as Babylon. He and his wife, Semiramsis, established the earliest mystery religion-- and from this rapidly spreading religion came the polytheistic and Pagan religions.” “

This is the “ Two Babylons” crap that shows an appalling ignorance and lack of understanding as to how religions develop. But since it fits their Bible, they accept this garbage as fact. The “mystery religions” have nothing to do with Babylon and emerged on their own independently for the simple frigging reason that all religions do not come from the same “ historical” source. This so-called link is something Christians made up. It is not historical fact.

'Wicca continues to evolve as it progresses... weaving into a changing society, thus breaking its own traditions in the process and ultimately altering its beliefs and practices.” News flash for you. Wicca is ALWAYS evolving, has done so since before Gardner ( and yes Wicca existed before Gerald Gardner, but was not a survival of The Burning Times. By the time Gardner found it, Wicca was already three generations old.). I know because when I first became a Wiccan in 1979 it was not the same as Wicca of 2014—and should not be expected to be unchanged. And here is one reason why: because Wicca, like other forms of Neopaganism, is an experiencial spiritual path, so for one Wiccan it is a little different than for another Wiccan.

The day Wicca stops changing is the day it starts to stagnate and die.

Really bad “ explanation” of “ witchcraft” that ignores anthropological, folklore and different cultures about “ witchcraft” not being of the same exact thing.

About “ witches” “ Unlike Wicca, the Rede or Threefold Law is not a code which one lives by.” Tower made a bad sentence, which to someone who wants to be prejudiced, reads as if Wiccans don't follow our own Rede. To make matters worse, Tower mixes “ witches” with Wicca.

Chapter 3 on Halloween is pretty accurate. It seems dumb to me that she mentions neither Halloween nor Samhain is mentioned in the Bible. Well DUH!!!! Celtic people, remember? The people who wrote and edited the Bible knew nothing about many other areas of the world. She does, however do the usual against divination and other anti- Halloween stuff certain Christians use to condemn Halloween.

“ Halloween is the worship of a false god”-- Mike Morton. He then makes the excuse that the “ false god” is not the “ Gods and Goddesses of the Witches or Pagans” but the “ god” called money. The “ commercialization” of the holiday, much like Christmas. A rather lame and obvious attempt to infer that Wiccans share the Christian dislike of a commercialization of a religious holiday. An act I'm not falling for.

Tower here and in her blog says in the Ebook that “putting on a costume” “ temporarily takes on the persona of the character,” which, OC, ' become demonically influenced by the identity they assumed.” What utter rot.

The end of the chapter has a good point regarding Christians condemning outright Halloween. But no mention of the horrible Christian "alternatives” like Hell House.

Shalom claims to have been the Tennessee director of the Witches League for Public Awareness.

Chapter 4 on bad church experiences seems accurate enough. However she claims “ the enemy” creates doubt which leads to unbelief. IOW Satan is behind doubt, unbelief and people leaving Christianity, not human decisions to not believe Christian doctrines and dogmas.

IOW a cop out rather than address the all too human evils Christians have done.

Chapter 5 on the “ church's “ response is interesting, but Tower slips when she says this: “ If a woman smelling like sage, dressed in black garb, boots ans wearing a pentacle around her neck sat next to you on Christmas Eve, would you welcome her with open arms and love her unconditionally?” While that is a good question, it is not, however an accurate depiction of how Pagans like me actually look like. Not to mention anyone who would look like that in a Christian church is either dumber than a rock or wanting a confrontation. I can only speak for myself here. If you actually saw me, you would NOT see me looking like a Goth. And if I were to attend a Christian church ( which I usually will not do) it certainly will NOT be in a frigging black outfit with a pentagram prominently displayed. In fact if I did attend a church, I would look no different than anyone else in my appearance.

There is a veiled reference to Mike as a Special Ed teacher finding what is obviously Jack Chick tracts in his desk, but Tower does not mention specifically Jack Chick, which I found to be gutless. She does, however, mention “ The Crusaders” comic, which is from Chick. To her credit she does mention the disgusting “ shalt not suffer a witch” Bible verse and how Pagans like me react to it. However she makes a serious mistake in claiming “most biblical scholars agree” that the Exodus quote “ pertains to any number of occult activities” when in fact it is a mistranslation for the word poisoner.

She then mentions the street evangelism of Todd White and says White said this about Wiccans :
“ They're no different than anybody else, they're just twisted up in their belief system...” ( my emphasis added.) IOW the usual condescending crap. Her recommended approach-- basically a love bombing cult tactic. Flashing red neon light again.

The chapter on “ witchcraft in the church” is interesting. OC Tower discounts the idea that many paths to Deity as long as it is love is “ a lie from the pit of hell”, with OC the claim that the only path is through Jesus. Shalom says walking the Labyrinth ' exposes one to the opening doors to the demonic.' This is fear mongering bullshit. The Christian practice of “ grave sucking” sounded bizarre. Shalom, once again is quoted by Tower with this: “ Oh my, this is a subject that points up so well how Paganism has infested the Church and is corrupting Christianity.” What utter bullshit. Like Paganism is a disease. Red flashing neon light again.

Chapter 7 on “ Witnessing to a Witch” has a number of good points, including the “ fruits of the Spirit” and that one's actions are being observed by the Pagan being “witnessed” to. Tower's friend “ Bo” claims the “ enemy” uses the Christian's “responding in the flesh,. Anger, hostility, confusion, pride, self-righteousness, impatience and even, sarcasm, are just a few of the traits the enemy wants you to display so the conversation will be de-railed, if not stopped completely.” Again the “enemy” is OC Satan and not the mundane human ignorance or just a misinformed Christian basically being an asshole Then, once again, Tower does the Christian condescention of “ a soul blinded by the spirit of deception is unable to see God's truth as their spiritual eyes are covered and no amount of coercing can convince them to believe.” Rather ironic considering certain things Christians accept, like the “ end times,” “ prosperity gospel” and other crap. As for the eyes of Pagans being “ blinded”, again that is a condensention assuming yet again Pagans like me are being deceived by “ the enemy” rather than being on our own spiritual legitimate path.

Her solution: “ spiritual warfare” when the Wiccan refuses to “ open their eyes” “ to the way, the truth and the life. This is where you may experience some resistance and your intercession may cross over to spiritual warfare.” Flashing red neon light warning here. Interestingly she also claims one should “ respect” those who are not interested in “ the saving grace”. A claim I find contradictory regarding her “ spiritual warfare” approach. However her description of not being a “hound dog” after the “ unsaved” is to me a lot like the abandonment trick Christians used on me when I didn't convert on the spot to their act of being my “ friend” for that moment. BTW another cult tactic.

As for the “ spiritual warfare” claim, I've looked into Christian claims about “ spiritual warfare” partly because of McExorcist Bob Larson is exploiting that avenue of Christian whackery. The red flashing neon warning light is because some Christian “ spiritual warfare” is more destructively fucked up than I can describe in one blog post.

Part II in the book is the “ ex-witch stories” which I will comment on in a future blog post.

In conclusion as to part one of her FTCTC, all I can say is that she's come closer than most Christian books on Paganism and Wicca I've read,, but the core assumptions ( and therefore errors) are still there.

Tower “missed the boat” in the witnessing / conversion advice to Pagans about something very simple that even I could have told her.

Simply put, be true friends to us, not be false friends as a lure to conversion. Actually give a damn about us and not use any sign of “ weakness” as an avenue to proselytize or preach to us. And OC be honest to us, not use the vague language like our deities are “ created beings, created by god” when we both damn well know you mean demons. I should add that Tower doesn't address what the Lord and Lady are to her religion-- probably with good reason.

Another view of the similar claims in the book is here:

Christian to Pagan__

Bear in mind the author is not responding to Tower and her book like I am doing here but is addressing some of the doctrines and prejudices Christians have.

bob larson

Heaven's Gate, Hell's Flames

 I saw this traveling play set up by Reality Outreach Ministries some years ago when a Baptist Church allowed these people into their premises for a pre-Halloween conversion-by scare tactic.

 From my looking around online some Christians praise this piece of crap, claiming it " save souls," ( IOW the usual excusing evil because it does " good" )  Then there is this web site, which pretty much correlates what my impression was:


Nicky M says:

Have you ever heard of the play "Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames"? I
have never, ever withnessed such blasphemy what I withnessed about half a year ago! I had no idea that the tradition of middle-ages still lives so strong!

In the beginning of the drama, Jesus is crucified. Then the play shows
us different people, who die during the play and are accepted to
heaven or sent to hell depending on if their name was on the Book of

The thing which angered me most was that how the play was emphasizing
hell and the eternal torment. Those, who have not reached the True
Gospel are probably in great distress. I, although I know that God
will not torture anyone for eternity, but chastens and makes everyone
learn righteousness, I felt myself very, very uncomfortable. I don't
remember last time when I have felt so terrible.

The play went on about an hour and during that hour the Satan took
many souls into the depths of hell, where they shall be burning

In the play, Satan was portrayed as the master of hell and torture
which is totally unscriptural, because Bible tells us that Satan will
be thrown into the Lake of Fire and he does not rule it! Even the
actor who played Satan admitted to me after the show that it is God's
hell, not Satan's (but still he took part of the play KNOWING that it
wasn't actually scriptural!)

Immediatly after the play, when the play has scared the hell into the
people (pun intended), the show's director climbs to stage and tells
people to come and take Christ to their lives.

There is nothing wrong with taking Christ to your life, but these poor
people do not take Christ into their people because of their faith and knowledge of the truths,
but more because of the fear of eternal torture.

I ask myself now, how can the show's director ask people to step
forward and take Christ into their lives if they do not know the true
nature of Christ and God? God wills ALL to be saved and Christ is the
saviour of all! ("For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach
because we trust in the living God, Who is the Saviour of ALL men,
especially of those that believe" - I Tim. 4:10)

Instead, they taught that damnable heresy of eternal torture. That God
allows and WILLS (because nothing will happen if God doesn't will it!)
99,9% of people to suffer for ETERNITY!

And now I have a need to mention few of the Satanic Highlights of the play.

In one scene there was a boy, whose father said that there is time to
attend to church and give your life to god. Then the boy and the
father died and they were both judged to hell, the father because he
hadn't given his life to Jesus and the boy simply because HE BELIEVED

Is it really the boy's fault if he believed his father? Is the boy to
blame? Do we believe that God of Love will punish and torture this boy
ETERNALLY? The boy didn't even think he did anything wrong, because
his father told him to do so and without better judgement, the boy did
what almost anyone of us would have done in that age: he listened his
parents, in this case the father.

The Last Judgement includes the word "to judge" and I have all my life
believed that judging includes righteousness and God is righteous,
more righteous than any human. Who believe that it is a fair judgement
to judge that boy to the eternal torture? Can anyone of you call it
justice? No, I think no-one can call that justice. That is the justice
what was taught on the play and I am overwhelmed how deeply Satan has
deceived those poor people who believe in a god like that! How deeply
are those people deceived who call the eternal torture of people

I know that God has many great plans of us, but none of those
plans include Eternal Torture! They are plans of Love, plans of

If you think logically, would eternal torture be a plan of Satan or
the plan of God of Love? Well, it is the plan of Satan of course!

And the play also included a scene where were a non-believing mother
and a teenage girl, who had her name written on the book of life.
After they died, the Satan and his demons took the mother into the
depths of hell and torture. The girl sobbed "mother" for few times,
but when Jesus came, she suddenly started to smile and was happy.

How can one be happy when your mother or someone dear will be tortured
for eternity? Would you be happy? NO Would anyone you know be happy?
NO! So would there be a single happy person in heaven if almost all of
their friends and family members are tortured? I would say "No" but
there are many people who say that it's just the opposite and that is,
I say, utter maddness!!

Here are some quotes from "christian" leaders concerning hell and
eternal torture. (links not allowed)

They really believe that people don't feel any saddness because of the
eternal torturing of their loved ones, but in fact they say that
people will rejoice because such thing happens!

But the very post was to tell you another tale of maddness.

The description of the play says:
"It is a dramatization of the reality of heaven and hell, showing the
grace, mercy and love of God, and shows the choices we make"

Grace, mercy and love of God was NOT part of the message of the play!
The more true description would be:
"It is a traumatizion with a lie of eternal torture, showing God as
the God of Torture, God of No Mercy and God of Hate, and teaches the
heresy of Free Will."

Have any of you ever heard about this play? How do you feel about this?
Isn't this almost as sick as it can be? The man who played satan knew
that bible doesn't teach that way, but he still took part in the play,
because "it is for the good cause". I would dare to say that Christ
doesn't reach people with that kind of play. It's a play of satan, a play of fear,
not of God and love!


 The various posts on that web page are quite good, actually. I like this one:


Wow Josh,

That's a good use of sarcasm.  I guess my (bad joke coming) question is, was that a trick on them or a treat for you ;).  I think when you've been through that, waiting for the "Great Pumpkin" doesn't seem too bad.  Halloween alternatives (or is it HELLoweird ;D) make you yearn for the original.



 Nicky M. also says this" Concidering what the Halloween's original meaning is, it's far more acceptable tradition than these "scaring the hell out of youth and turning them into God-fearing Christians rather than God-loving"-church alternatives. It is SO ironic, how their alternative for halloween is far more blasphemous than the original festivity. =P"

 Yeah, anti-Halloween Christians like that do make the original Halloweens I remember as a child before the Christians tried messing it up look innocent, good and healthy by comparison.

 There are, OC, others doing their versions of anti-Halloween exploitation:

 When I saw HGHF I was even as a non-Christian offended at how cold and callous " Jesus" was in the play. I did mention in an earlier blog entry what I saw.

 Conversion by fear and threats is not a healthy conversion. For Christians to excuse and defend this sadistic crap aimed at children doesn't say much for the state of their religion. And now they wonder why their offspring are choosing to leave their churches. Imagine being a child subjected to this crap. Then again "Jesus Camp" showed a bit of that sick mentality.

Oct. 26th, 2014

bob larson

"High School Possession" on Lifetime

From the channel which thankfully two years ago cancelled McExorist Bob  Larson's " reality" show " The Real Exorcist" less than a day it was scheduled to air ( see an approrpaite dated blog entry I made about Larson's shameful response to that), comes a meldoramatic movie called " High School Possession".

Basically imagine one of Larson's " teenage exorcists" if she was in an actual high school instrad of being home schooled, and how the girl in some sadistic power mad delusion targets one student , claiming the student is "demon possessed."

 As usual with made for TV movies, there is melodrama. While I am sure this is not directly connected to Larson or his TEs. the concept really is an interesting twist on bullying.

 I don't know this for a fact, but it wouldn't surprise me that Larson's failed attempt at Lifetime ( which included his " teen exorcists" " reality " series after his TRE was done airing) had some flunkie at Lifetime saying, " hey about the idea of teenagers being exorcists...."

 I will point out, however that the reverend in the movie is considerably more ethical and responsible than Larson seems to be. Too bad he doesn't tell " The Chosen" to cut their little cult " exorcisms" act.

 Personally I'd watch one of " The Good Witch" movies.

Oct. 22nd, 2014

CK Xray grin

Jack Chick tracts

 I admit it. At this time of the year I get really curious as to what Christians are churning out about Wicca and Halloween.

 One of the more bizarre were the Jack Chick tracts. There were, ( and apparently still are) Christian tracts being passed out to children trick-or-treating that from what I could see on Ebay, but they seem to be tame compared to the Jack Chick tracts.

 Anti-Catholic ( almost viciously so) and pretty much self-righteous KJV Christian only, the tracts, depending on who the artist was, were prime examples of hate-filled propaganda remniscent of Nazi Germany anti- Jewish cartoons.

And,again no surprise, this is the publisher of William Schnoebelen's crap.

 Gotta love the malicious nut cases. They destroy their  " message" by being juvenile.

 And, naturally there are Jack Chick parodies.

 And OC YouTube has a TheBibleReloaded which, among other things, reads Jack Chick tracts.

 It's debatable as to " what the worst Jack Chick tract" is, but this one might be on the list:
bob larson

Christians show they don't want religious tolerance

 There is a popular symbol/ graphic deisgn called " Coexist" , the variations of which one can see via Google.

 However , as usual, Talk To Action tries to destroy the good intentions with this crap;

 It seems this " spirtual mapping" crap is right out of New Apostolic Reformation, the current versionof Christian Dominionism


" As I've written previously Repent Amarillo is a small group which doesn't appear to have direct ties to the national and international charismatic leaders who introduced the concept of spiritual mapping. Repent Amarillo was previously tied to Troy Bohn's  Raven Ministries International, but Raven's Amarillo website no longer mentions David Grisham or Repent Amarillo.  Spiritual mapping is one of the components of "Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare" (SLSW) which originated with the leadership of the New Apostolic Reformation, including C. Peter Wagner, George Otis, Jr., Ed Silvoso, Cindy Jacobs, and Ted Haggard.

For explanation of SLSW terminlogy, link to this glossary of terms. New Apostolic leaders teach that the removal of demonic strongholds is necessary to proselytize communities and to bring about "Christian dominion" in preparation for the end times.  Strategic level spiritual warfare is now being taught throughout the nation as a new methodology for evangelizing the globe, but most New Apostolic leaders are more subtle in their approach and quite a bit more savvy than Repent Amarillo.

As I mentioned in the previous article on Repent Amarillo, spiritual mapping and other components of Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare will undoubtedly spread beyond the core of the apostolic and prophetic movement and C. Peter Wagner's New Apostolic Reformation.  Books and media claiming that these methodologies can be used to purge demons from communities are now widely available to anyone who wants to give these methodologies a try.

Yes, Repent Amarillo is just a few people in a fringe group praying over signs of other people's houses of worship.  However, the literal demonization of other people is inherent to the strategic level spiritual warfare being popularized by thousands of leaders in the apostolic and prophetic movement worldwide. An example of more prominent leaders engaged in this brand of spiritual warfare can be seen in Bruce Wilson’s article and the video of Canadian Apostle Pat Francis at the International Transformation Network conference in Hawaii in 2009. Lt. Governor James “Duke” Aiona spoke at the conference and candidate for the U.S. Senate Cam Cavasso and other politicians participated in this warfare prayer ceremony.

As seen with Repent Amarillo, the locations targeted in strategic level spiritual warfare as demonic are not limited to swing clubs and strip joints.


It gets worse. When I was looking up the Coexist graphic, I found a number of Christian web sites against it, and some snarky types doing their usual:

 An interesting summary of the Coexist original designer and about the various copyright violations:

 And OC the Briebart web site added this little turd:

 Let me explain a few things to these folks.

 First off, to quote ZIggy " Tolerance is a good thing, because you'll never know when you are the one being tolerated." Add to that Bill Maher's quote " Don't be so tolerant you tolerate intolerance."

 The claim that " coexist" is a dumb concept, among  other harsher claims, is missing the point.  The point is that religious intolerance is a serious problem we need to deal with and while " coexist" is not perfect, it is an idea that needs to be in practice.

 Personally I prever " tolerance" to " coexist." I don't think I can " coexist" with a fanatical evangelical Christian who wishes me harm.

But even " tolerance' is something Christians can't accept-- except when it means others should tolerate what they  (and only they)  want.

E- YIKES people!!

Here's an idea. How about being better than what we currently are? The concepts of coexist and tolerance have good intentions behind them.

 I don't want another Tempest Smith to happen. That's my point.

 But if people choose to hate, there is nothing I can say to stop them.

CK Xray grin

A " Bob Larson" selling a Bob Hope USO show video on EBay

 This is OC not McExorcist Bob Larson, but I found the listing worth noting.

"  Master video
Starting bid:
US $374,000.00"

I am Bob Larson here in Roseburg, Oregon. I produced and own a one of a kind "Bob Hope USO Show. This was his first USO Christmas Show Bob Hope did since the Vietnam era and also was the last USO show with Bob Hope in the Pacific. All of the video masters were saved and now needs to be restored and made into a DVD. Bob Hope's first USO Show was at California’s March Field on May 6, 1941. Wherever Bob Hope went, from the deserts of North Africa to Alaska to the jungles of Southeast Asia, he represented home. And, for an hour or so, troops were home with an old friend and comrade. His USO shows included singers, dancers, comedians, actors and actresses, and led the way for celebrities to commit to giving their time and talent to troops and families around the world. I got a chance of a lifetime to own and produce "The Bob Hope USO Show" on December 21, 1987 at Clark Air Base in the Republic of the Philippines. From the Philippines, Bob Hope is joined by guests Lee Greenwood, Barbara Eden, Connie Stevens and her daughters Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher with the Super bowl Dancers and Miss USA Michelle Royer. Also appearing is the United States Navy Pacific Fleet Band. Also in the show, Lee Greenwood performs his song "God Bless the U.S.A." and "Silent Night". The show was produced using 7 cameras on site at Clark Air Base's "Challenger Field". It was recorded on 3/4" U-Matic Broadcast Video Tape and in 2001 those videos were saved and converted to DVD segment masters. By purchasing this show, all rights come with it. You can market and sell DVD's from this program. You can even sell small segments. It has to be re-edited and converted into the new Blue Ray Disc Wide Screen Standard and a DVD Glass Master will have to be made for mass production of DVD copies. Bob Larson 541-643-8843 (Cell)"

 He lists $100 standard shipping BTW.

 I'm assuming here that the seller is looking for a studio to buy his master tapes. Good luck to him. I don't know if Bob Hope USO videos are in high demand in general or if there are only specific ones in demand.

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